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Combo Name: Infinite Turns Submitted By: d-roc314
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Sneak Attack
Enchantment 3R Urza's Saga, Rare

Eternal Witness
Creature - Human Shaman 1GG 2 / 1 Fifth Dawn, Uncommon

Creature - Insect Horror 3(BG)(BG)(BG) 6/6 Ravnica: City of Guilds, Rare

Demonic Tutor
Sorcery 1B Beta, Uncommon

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
Legendary Creature - Eldrazi 15 15/15 Rise of the Eldrazi, Mythic
Estimated Combo Cost: $78.71
Date Posted: Sat May/22/10 at 5:07 pm

Posts: 66
Joined: 22-Nov-09

Have Sneak and Gleancrawler in play. Tutor for the Emrakul.
As long as you have eternal witness in your hand play Emrakul and sneak the Witness.  Now get back the tutor.  Then attack or do what you want.  At end of turn shuffle Emrakul back into your library and get back the witness.  Take another turn untap and now that you have the tutor you can search for Emrakul again and sneak them in again.  Get back the tutor and repeat.  Then only thing about this combo that I didnt realize at first is that you cant sneak the emrakul you have to play it.  Also you need to sac emrakul to something so that it goes back to the library.  Let me know if you have helpful ideas.  edh rules if possible.

[Edited by d-roc314 on 22/May/10 at 5:20PM]
Date Posted: Sat May/22/10 at 5:27pm

Posts: 66
Joined: 22-Nov-09

Looks like this combo is not going to happen anytime soon.  There is a better solution.  The combo cards are, Sneak Attack and Gleancrawler(in play), eternal witness and Time warp.

 Play a time warp.


Sneak the witness get the warp back.  At end of turn get the witness back and repeat.

[Edited by d-roc314 on 22/May/10 at 6:47PM]
Date Posted: Sat May/22/10 at 7:42pm

Posts: 2788
Joined: 13-Oct-09

You know while you can't get the infinite turns you were hoping for, this combo is still pretty solid, yo found a way to attack with a 15/15 flyer that destroys 6 permanets each turn for basically 1 mana, which can start on turn 5. 

also glean crawler doesn;t need to be in play to start the combo you can put it out with sneak attack the same way as emurkal, just at the end of turn when sneak's and glean crawler triggers occur put the death trigger for emurkal on the stack first, then put crawlers ability then put sneaks death sentace for crawler, then sneaks for witness on the stack .  so witness dies and then crawler both go to grave, crawlers ability resolves returning crawler and witness back to your hand since they both went to the grave during the turn, then emurkal shuffles your grave.  again a solid combo well done

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