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Combo Name: Damn Kids!!! (Suicide Carnival) Submitted By: ChampionSaturn
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Carnival of Souls
Enchantment 1B Urza's Destiny, Rare

Plunge into Darkness
Instant 1B Fifth Dawn, Rare

Sorcery XBB Scars of Mirrodin, Uncommon

Army of the Damned
Sorcery 5BBB Innistrad, Mythic
Estimated Combo Cost: $2.71
Date Posted: Sun Jun/11/17 at 12:47 am

Posts: 9
Joined: 10-Jun-17

Cast carnival of souls
(probably cast some spell or creature that puts a bunch of other creatures onto the battlefield, your choice)
Cast army of the damned, get 13 2/2 zombies and 13 mana.
Pay 10 mana, Flashback army of the damned, get another 13 zombies and 13 mana.
Cast exsanguinate OR plunge into darkness to gain a bunch of life (or search for a win con). Or you could just cast a bunch of other stuff from your hand.

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