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Viewing User: ChampionSaturn
Member Type: Normal Member
Member Since: 10 Jun 2017

Total Posts: 9
Combos Submitted: 9 (that makes up 0.02% of all the combos on this site)

5 Most Recent Combo Submissions
Combo Title Total Views Posted On # Cards
Word Games (or Head Command ;0) 4 Sun Jun/11/17 at 12:23 am 2
Evoke Ramp 13 Sat Jun/10/17 at 11:30 pm 2
Vapor-Slave 10 Sun Jun/11/17 at 12:01 am 7
Damn Kids!!! (Suicide Carnival) 3 Sun Jun/11/17 at 12:47 am 4
Morph, Manifest, and Undying 4 Sat Jun/10/17 at 11:27 pm 2
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5 Most Recent Topics Where ChampionSaturn Has Contributed
Topic Title Total Views Posted On
Here, have a smoke. 18 Sun Aug/27/17 at 8:15pm
These colors run beyond the grave 14 Sun Aug/27/17 at 10:01am
Here Have a Tangent 14 Tue Jun/27/17 at 10:32pm
Here Have a Tangent 14 Tue Jun/27/17 at 10:29pm
Mirror-Mad Mill 1,298 Sat Jun/17/17 at 1:21pm