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Title: Who's here from the old days?
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Date Posted: Sun Apr/30/17 at 4:59pm

Posts: 2599
Joined: 22-Jan-10

It's been about 5 years since I logged. I remember Boyachi but who is still here from the old days?
Date Posted: Sat May/13/17 at 12:18pm

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Posts: 1
Joined: 13-May-17

Fuck off nerd.
Date Posted: Sat May/13/17 at 3:28pm

Posts: 1552
Joined: 02-Nov-11

I seem to remember a Turbine.... not sure if friendly trolling or regular trolling.
Date Posted: Thu May/18/17 at 5:35pm

Posts: 2599
Joined: 22-Jan-10

No that's good ole Turbine.
Date Posted: Sat May/26/18 at 3:26pm

Dakkon Thued
Posts: 312
Joined: 15-Mar-10

I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I remember you twogun. You and lin sivvi, I remember being some of the most prolific members. I just thought about this site, and felt like seeing if it was still going. Seems like it's not as active.
Date Posted: Wed Jul/11/18 at 7:51pm

Posts: 1305
Joined: 29-Mar-12

Do I count? If I do, I'm absolutely the cut-off point.

It's nice to see everyone's not dead.

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