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Viewing User: Academic
Member Type: Normal Member
Member Since: 29 Mar 2012

Total Posts: 1305
Combos Submitted: 53 (that makes up 0.10% of all the combos on this site)

5 Most Recent Combo Submissions
Combo Title Total Views Posted On # Cards
Cast Emrakul for two mana. 899 Wed Apr/11/12 at 2:54 am 4
Infinte Kobalds Combo! 379 Tue Sep/24/13 at 8:26 pm 3
The first Commander 2013 combo. :D 378 Fri Sep/20/13 at 9:09 pm 2
And I say it's a draw, part 3 320 Mon Jun/24/13 at 2:24 pm 3
Dragon's Hour 344 Sun Jul/14/13 at 12:54 pm 6
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5 Most Recent Topics Where Academic Has Contributed
Topic Title Total Views Posted On
Who's here from the old days? 21 Wed Jul/11/18 at 7:51pm
Cast Emrakul for two mana. 899 Sun Aug/07/16 at 2:24pm
TF2 MVM Coaltown LFG 73 Sat Mar/01/14 at 1:13am
Infinite Pauper Combo 244 Sat Jan/11/14 at 12:31pm
Inserting Objects 174 Mon Jan/06/14 at 10:46pm