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Combo Name: easily poison a opponent to death Submitted By: Draco_lich
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Erratic Portal
Artifact 4 Exodus, Rare

Artifact 5 Urza's Saga, Rare

Stuffy Doll
Artifact Creature - Construct 5 0 / 1 Time Spiral, Rare

Crypt Rats
Summon Rats 2B 1/1 Visions, Common

Grafted Exoskeleton
Artifact - Equipment 4 Scars of Mirrodin, Uncommon
Estimated Combo Cost: $7.26
Date Posted: Tue Jan/29/13 at 5:55 am

Posts: 1073
Joined: 07-May-10

put the exoskeleton on stuffy doll, have all in play, use the crypt rats ability, it hits the stuffy doll for x dmg infect to opponent
the lifeline returns the rat to play

erratic portal bounces the doll back to hand, to replay next turn to target another opponent... rinse and repeat

phyresis can to be used, if only 1 player left to kill off
Date Posted: Tue Jan/29/13 at 6:09am

Posts: 1370
Joined: 30-Nov-11

Nice find utilizing crypt rats and Exoskeleton without infecting yourself!-))
Date Posted: Tue Jan/29/13 at 6:16am

Posts: 1305
Joined: 29-Mar-12

Actually, that part is the combo's weakness.

You don't need the rats. In fact, without them, you can lose Lifeline, and throw in Pestilence. It works out to you spending four fewer mana, and requiring one fewer card slots.
Date Posted: Tue Jan/29/13 at 10:16am

Posts: 1073
Joined: 07-May-10

the reason the rats work better than pestilence in this case is because you are potentially board wiping at the same time, to protect yourself also, and its a single hit for a lot at a time before everything repeats itself for the next opponent next turn, so it isnt a weakness overall..

it repeats from the grave and also starts faster when u get the rat... if only 1 opponent left, it only needs a few mana to activate

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