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Combo Name: Mirror-Mad Mill Submitted By: TheCaptain
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Instant 2(W/U)(W/U) Shadowmoor, Rare

Act of Aggression
Instant 3(R/P)(R/P) New Phyrexia, Uncommon
Estimated Combo Cost: $1.20
Date Posted: Thu Sep/08/11 at 3:36 pm

Posts: 909
Joined: 13-Apr-11

This card also needs Mirror-Mad Phantasm. I'd add the picture but my browser won't let me, just check out the spoiler for it, I may repost it once the database has it. It's pretty simple: control Phantasm, steal a creature with Act, make all creatures Phantasm with Mirrorweave. On the creature you stole, activate Phantasm's ability. It gets shuffled into your opponent's library, at which point it ceases to be affected by mirrorweave since its no longer a creature that's in play. All the cards in your opponent's library are revealed, but none of them are called mirror-mad phantasm they all go into the graveyard. Its expensive to activate, its a total cost of 6UUU, but it should be a game-ender so do with it as you will

And this may not work either. I'm just going off what I think would happen, there really isn't any errata issued or rulings on Phantasm since it hasn't been released.
Date Posted: Thu Sep/08/11 at 3:42pm

Posts: 329
Joined: 02-Dec-10

here is the card:

And that is an awesome idea. I like it and can't see a reason it won't work unless they actually have one in their deck.
Date Posted: Thu Sep/08/11 at 3:43pm

Posts: 329
Joined: 02-Dec-10

You could use ray of command instead.
Date Posted: Thu Sep/08/11 at 3:46pm

Posts: 909
Joined: 13-Apr-11

Thanks for posting the card. I picked act of aggression in an attempt to keep everything monocolored, but you could also use other things. Is shadowmoor still in extended? I don't play extended so i don't know. But you could use this in modern probably.
Date Posted: Thu Sep/08/11 at 6:24pm

Posts: 31
Joined: 07-Sep-11

Wow, incredible... I can really see this happening.
Date Posted: Thu Sep/08/11 at 10:22pm

Posts: 45
Joined: 01-Mar-11

Way to think ahead to the new sets.
Also can anyone else think of any other situation where that card's ability would be of any use? I know that I'm having considerable trouble...
Date Posted: Thu Sep/08/11 at 11:22pm

Posts: 2788
Joined: 13-Oct-09

other then flashback here are some other options

Living DeathLord of ExtinctionMortivore

 or any of the lhurgoyf
Date Posted: Sun Sep/11/11 at 2:02pm

Posts: 1
Joined: 11-Sep-11

Well, I saw the card and instantly thought of something similar, but using black and using cards like Necrotic Ooze, and ways to get the Mythic into the grave, to then activate the ability of the Mirror Mad Phantasm and emptying your library to your grave. Wow, Ways to draw and discard should prove fun :)

All ya'd need would be a way to get Laboratory Maniac into play and keep it alive until your combo goes off.  Playing Mono Blue with a splashing of black to facilitate this should be a fun thing to try.

Any thoughts about this? Or am I clinging to a combo that will take too long to get working and is too fragile?
Date Posted: Sat Jun/17/17 at 1:21pm

Posts: 9
Joined: 10-Jun-17

Awesome combo

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