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Combo Name: win Turn 1 w/ black lotus. turn 2 without Submitted By: egkill
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Power Artifact
Enchant Art UU Antiquities, Uncommon

Grim Monolith
Artifact 2 Urza's Legacy, Rare

Mycosynth Lattice
Artifact 6 Darksteel, Rare

Gemstone Caverns
Legendary Land Time Spiral, Rare

Pact of Negation
Instant 0 Future Sight, Rare

Black Lotus
Mono Artifact 0 Beta, Rare

Hive Mind
Enchantment 5U Magic 2010, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $1,416.99
Date Posted: Sun Feb/07/10 at 3:37 pm

Posts: 10
Joined: 12-Nov-09

This will knock out half the other players in a big game first turn since pact of negations only possible target will be other copies. 

This will win u the game in 1v1s.

If you want to play it on the second turn u need an island.

1.  begin the game with gemstone caverns in play.

2. play black lotus (or island if your gonna do it on turn 2)

3.  tap caverns and use lotus to produce 4 mana (3 blue from lotus)

4.  play grim monolith and enchant it with power artifact

5. use this infinite mana combo to play mycosynth lattice which allows you to use colorless mana as any colored mana.

6.  play hivemind

7.  play pact of negation.  yours will go to the top of the stack due (look up rulings on hivemind) if it is each other player\\\\\\\'s will activate before yours some being forced to counter others (why only half lose in a big enough game).

8.  At each other players upkeep they will lose the game.

Date Posted: Sun Feb/07/10 at 5:08pm

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

You would actually have to have a spell for the Pact to target or else both the spells would fizzle and go to the graveyard
Date Posted: Sun Feb/07/10 at 8:14pm

Posts: 2788
Joined: 13-Oct-09

your best bet is pact of the titan or the white one, they are the only two that don't require additional requirements.  it is a creative combo and i like the use of power artifact with monolith, though I can't give points for praticallity as don't think the word godhand quite describes it.  Also it won't work until turn 3 without the lotus.
Date Posted: Sun Feb/07/10 at 10:13pm

Posts: 10
Joined: 12-Nov-09

pact of negation can be played without a target due to its second ability giving it a target of you/ and additional cost

refer to ruling 601.2c
Date Posted: Mon Feb/08/10 at 12:57am

Posts: 2788
Joined: 13-Oct-09

Where in that rule does it say it will work.  What it does say in the 1st line is "The player announces his or her choice of an appropriate player, object, or zone for each target the spell requires "  The only target that is required in pact of negation is a spell in which to counter.  The second part of the pact, the one were you would lose, is a delayed trigger ability (it is not an additional, alternative, or special cost since its not paid at the time of casting) which will trigger until the spell resolves, and that means the counter target spell needs a spell to counter otherwise it can not be played let alone resolve.

[Edited by gericault5 on 8/Feb/10 at 1:08AM]
Date Posted: Mon Feb/08/10 at 9:57am

Posts: 2599
Joined: 22-Jan-10

Though everyone loves a really creative instant-win combo, this really banks on a good opening hand.
Date Posted: Mon Feb/08/10 at 1:56pm

Posts: 101
Joined: 22-Dec-09

Hulk Flash is easier.
Date Posted: Mon Feb/08/10 at 7:22pm

Posts: 10
Joined: 12-Nov-09

yea this really isn't a viable combo since it is based on a god hand.  Yes hulk flash is easier.  The base of the combo, hive mind and pact of negation is a good combo on its own against non blue decks or if a blue deck you are facing is low on mana.

P.S.  You may or may not be right on it needing a target, there are some loop holes based on the additional cost and it having a secondary effect.

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