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Combo Name: $5.00 Free Turn Submitted By: xodusprime
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Angel's Grace
Instant W Time Spiral, Rare

Final Fortune
Instant RR 6th Edition, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $5.21
Date Posted: Tue May/13/08 at 10:09 pm

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Joined: 09-May-08

Play Final Fortune to take an additional turn immediately after your current turn (or any player's current turn in a multi-player game).

During your free turn, play Angel's Grace.
Date Posted: May/13/08 at 10:25pm

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Joined: 29-Dec-07


I don't really get the "$5.00" portion of the title, though :P
Date Posted: May/13/08 at 11:32pm

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Joined: 09-May-08

It's in reference to the price of the cards, if you were to buy them as singles.
Date Posted: Sep/28/08 at 6:37pm

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Joined: 28-Sep-08

Since you're already playing Angel's grace, you might as well abuse it some more.

Play as many Slaughter Pacts and Pacts of the Titan as you can on the turn you play Final Fortune.
Date Posted: Nov/22/08 at 11:47am

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Joined: 22-Nov-08

You should also use Summoner's Pact.
Date Posted: Nov/22/08 at 1:26pm

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Joined: 22-Aug-08

How about using Isochron Scepter instead? Each round of turns, you can't die for one of them.
Date Posted: Tue Nov/17/09 at 2:10pm

Posts: 51
Joined: 01-Sep-09

add Sculpting Steel along with Iso and have tons of fun.
Date Posted: Fri Dec/11/09 at 8:37am

Posts: 13
Joined: 22-Oct-09

why not just play platinum angel? xD
Date Posted: Fri Jan/29/10 at 1:26pm

lin sivvi
Posts: 1608
Joined: 14-Jan-10

First of all, thats lame
Second, thats expensive
Third, thats alot more mana
Fourth, style is all that matters
Date Posted: Fri Jun/04/10 at 5:52pm

Posts: 1148
Joined: 24-May-10

I hear you Lin... style decks over steamroll decks anyday. Finesse says you can play magic. Power decks says you can put cards in play.
Date Posted: Mon Jun/14/10 at 4:45pm

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[Edited by Turbine on 13/Sep/10 at 7:02AM]
Date Posted: Mon Sep/27/10 at 6:56pm

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Joined: 18-Jun-09

Two isochron scepters?
Date Posted: Mon Sep/27/10 at 7:10pm

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

Sculpting Steel.
Date Posted: Thu Oct/14/10 at 11:32pm

Posts: 15
Joined: 14-Oct-10

this combo is bad!
Date Posted: Fri Oct/15/10 at 6:59am

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

As in a good bad or a bad bad?
Date Posted: Fri Oct/22/10 at 7:04am

Ally Cyber Nar
Posts: 73
Joined: 19-Oct-10

whats the point P.Angel is better not only that stalling is blah and what happens when counter
Date Posted: Mon Feb/14/11 at 8:06pm

Posts: 377
Joined: 06-Feb-11

"P Angel" is NOT better. Platinum Angel can be countered, just like Angel's Grace, but it also falls to Doom Blade, Grasp of Darkness, and Naturalize, just to name a few. Plus, Platinum Angel is both more expensive $$$ wise and also 6 mana more!
Date Posted: Tue Feb/15/11 at 2:52am

Posts: 1073
Joined: 07-May-10

angels grace can not be countered, it has split second
Date Posted: Mon Feb/21/11 at 11:09pm

Posts: 115
Joined: 21-Feb-11

This isn't a $5.00 free turn.  It's a $5.00 WRR turn...

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