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157 results for: Torment
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Accelerate Instant 1R Torment $0.12
Acorn Harvest Sorcery 3G Torment $0.14
Alter Reality Instant 1U Torment $0.44
Ambassador Laquatus Creature - Merfolk Legend 1UU 1/3 Torment $1.25
Angel of Retribution Creature - Angel 6W 5/5 Torment $0.59
Anurid Scavenger Creature - Beast 2G 3/3 Torment $0.19
Aquamoeba Creature - Beast 1U 1/3 Torment $0.18
Arrogant Wurm Creature - Wurm 3GG 4/4 Torment $0.79
Aven Trooper Creature - Bird Soldier 3W 1/1 Torment $0.12
Balshan Collaborator Creature - Bird Soldier 3U 2/2 Torment $0.19
Balthor the Stout Creature - Dwarf Legend 1RR 2/2 Torment $0.43
Barbarian Outcast Creature - Barbarian Beast 1R 2/2 Torment $0.12
Basking Rootwalla Creature - Lizard G 1/1 Torment $0.38
Boneshard Slasher Creature - Horror 1B 1/1 Torment $0.19
Breakthrough Sorcery XU Torment $2.19
Cabal Coffers Land Torment $7.52
Cabal Ritual Instant 1B Torment $0.98
Cabal Surgeon Creature - Minion 2BB 2/2 Torment $0.12
Cabal Torturer Creature - Minion 1BB 1/1 Torment $0.12
Carrion Rats Creature - Rat B 2/1 Torment $0.12
Carrion Wurm Creature - Zombie Wurm 3BB 6/5 Torment $0.23
Centaur Chieftain Creature - Centaur 3G 3/3 Torment $0.22
Centaur Veteran Creature - Centaur 5G 3/3 Torment $0.12
Cephalid Aristocrat Creature - Cephalid 4U 3/3 Torment $0.12
Cephalid Illusionist Creature - Cephalid Wizard 1U 1/1 Torment $0.35
Cephalid Sage Creature - Cephalid 3U 2/3 Torment $0.28
Cephalid Snitch Creature - Cephalid Wizard 1U 1/1 Torment $0.12
Cephalid Vandal Creature - Cephalid 1U 1/1 Torment $0.37
Chainer's Edict Sorcery 1B Torment $1.41
Chainer, Dementia Master Creature - Minion Legend 3BB 3/3 Torment $0.65
Churning Eddy Sorcery 3U Torment $0.12
Circular Logic Instant 2U Torment $1.50
Cleansing Meditation Instant 2W Torment $0.28
Compulsion Enchantment 1U Torment $0.28
Coral Net Enchant Creature U Torment $0.12
Crackling Club Enchant Creature R Torment $0.12
Crazed Firecat Creature - Cat 5RR 4/4 Torment $0.20
Crippling Fatigue Sorcery 1BB Torment $0.12
Dawn of the Dead Enchantment 2BBB Torment $0.52
Deep Analysis Sorcery 3U Torment $0.38
Demonic Torment Enchant Creature 2B Legends $0.61
Devastating Dreams Sorcery RR Torment $1.37
Dwell on the Past Sorcery G Torment $0.18
Enslaved Dwarf Creature - Dwarf R 1/1 Torment $0.12
Equal Treatment Instant 1W Torment $0.20
Everlasting Torment Enchantment 2(B/R) Shadowmoor $1.75
Faceless Butcher Creature - Nightmare Horror 2BB 2/3 Torment $0.13
False Memories Instant 1U Torment $0.39
Far Wanderings Sorcery 2G Torment $0.18
Fiery Temper Instant 1RR Torment $0.22
Flaming Gambit Instant XR Torment $0.20
Flash of Defiance Sorcery 1R Torment $0.12
Floating Shield Enchant Creature 2W Torment $0.12
Frantic Purification Instant 2W Torment $0.12
Ghostly Wings Enchant Creature 1U Torment $0.12
Gloomdrifter Creature - Minion 3B 2/2 Torment $0.19
Gravegouger Creature - Nightmare Horror 2B 2/2 Torment $0.12
Grim Lavamancer Creature - Wizard R 1/1 Torment $6.02
Grotesque Hybrid Creature - Zombie 4B 3/3 Torment $0.25
Gurzigost Creature - Beast 3GG 6/8 Torment $0.50
Hell-Bent Raider Creature - Barbarian 1RR 2/2 Torment $0.44
Herald of Torment Enchantment Creature - Demon 1BB 3 / 3 Born of the Gods $2.18
Hydromorph Guardian Creature - Gaurdian 2U 2/2 Torment $0.12
Hydromorph Gull Creature - Bird Guardian 3UU 3/3 Torment $0.20
Hypnox Creature - Nightmare Horror 8BBB 8/8 Torment $0.84
Hypochondria Enchantment 1W Torment $0.19
Ichorid Creature - Horror 3B 3/1 Torment $7.17
Insidious Dreams Instant 3B Torment $1.13
Insist Sorcery G Torment $0.42
Invigorating Falls Sorcery 2GG Torment $0.12
Kamahl's Sledge Sorcery 5RR Torment $0.12
Krosan Constrictor Creature - Snake 3G 2/2 Torment $0.12
Krosan Restorer Creature - Druid 2G 1/2 Torment $0.14
Laquatus's Champion Creature - Nightmare Horror 4BB 6/3 Torment $1.68
Last Laugh Enchantment 2BB Torment $0.44
Lingering Tormentor Creature - Spirit 3B 2/2 Eventide $0.15
Liquify Instant 2U Torment $0.12
Llawan, Cephalid Empress Creature - Cephalid Legend 3U 2/3 Torment $7.31
Longhorn Firebeast Creature - Beast 2R 3/2 Torment $0.13
Major Teroh Creature - Bird Soldier Legend 3W Torment $0.53
Mesmeric Fiend Creature - Nightmare Horror 1B 1/1 Torment $0.15
Militant Monk Creature - Cleric 1WW 2/1 Torment $0.12
Mind Sludge Sorcery 4B Torment $0.24
Morningtide Sorcery 1W Torment $0.47
Mortal Combat Enchantment 2BB Torment $0.52
Mortiphobia Enchantment 1BB Torment $0.19
Mutilate Sorcery 2BB Torment $3.85
Mystic Familiar Creature - Bird 1W 1/2 Torment $0.12
Nantuko Blightcutter Creature - Insect Druid 2G 2/2 Torment $0.42
Nantuko Calmer Creature - Insect Druid 2GG 2/2 Torment $0.12
Nantuko Cultivator Creature - Insect Druid 3G 2/2 Torment $0.41
Nantuko Shade Creature - Insect Shade BB 2/1 Torment $2.00
Narcissism Enchantment 2G Torment $0.20
Neverending Torment Sorcery 4BB Saviors of Kamigawa $0.46
Nostalgic Dreams Sorcery GG Torment $0.57
Obsessive Search Instant U Torment $0.14
Organ Grinder Creature - Zombie 2B 3/1 Torment $0.12
Overmaster Sorcery R Torment $0.57
Parallel Evolution Sorcery 3GG Torment $2.76
Pardic Arsonist Creature - Barbarian 2RR 3/3 Torment $0.20
Pardic Collaborator Creature - Barbarian 3R 2/2 Torment $0.19
Pardic Lancer Creature - Barbarian 4R 3/2 Torment $0.12
Pay No Heed Instant W Torment $0.12
Petradon Creature - Nightmare Beast 6RR 5/6 Torment $0.44
Petravark Creature - Nightmare Beast 3R 2/2 Torment $0.13
Pitchstone Wall Creature - Wall 2R 2/5 Torment $0.19
Plagiarize Instant 3U Torment $0.42
Possessed Aven Creature - Bird Soldier Horror 2UU 3/3 Torment $0.41
Possessed Barbarian Creature - Barbarian 2RR 3/3 Torment $0.39
Possessed Centaur Creature - Centaur Horror 2GG 3/3 Torment $0.45
Possessed Nomad Creature - Nomad Horror 2WW 3/3 Torment $0.42
Psychotic Haze Instant 2BB Torment $0.12
Putrid Imp Creature - Zombie Imp B 1/1 Torment $0.73
Pyromania Enchantment 2R Torment $0.19
Radiate Instant 3RR Torment $0.53
Rancid Earth Sorcery 1BB Torment $0.18
Reborn Hero Creature - Soldier 2W 2/2 Torment $0.43
Restless Dreams Sorcery B Torment $0.13
Retraced Image Sorcery U Torment $0.58
Sengir Vampire Creature - Vampire 3BB 4/4 Torment $0.74
Seton's Scout Creature - Centaur Druid 1G 2/1 Torment $0.22
Shade's Form Enchant Creature 1BB Torment $0.14
Shambling Swarm Creature - Horror 1BBB 3/3 Torment $0.44
Sickening Dreams Sorcery 1B Torment $0.27
Skullscorch Sorcery RR Torment $0.64
Skywing Aven Creature - Bird Soldier 2U Torment $0.12
Slithery Stalker Creature - Nightmare Horror 1BB 1/1 Torment $0.19
Sonic Seizure Instant R Torment $0.13
Soul Scourge Creature - Nightmare Horror 4B 3/2 Torment $0.12
Spirit Flare Instant 3W Torment $0.12
Stern Judge Creature - Cleric 2W 2/2 Torment $0.21
Strength of Isolation Enchant creature 1W Torment $0.20
Strength of Lunacy Enchant Creature 1B Torment $0.25
Stupefying Touch Enchant Creature 1U Torment $0.18
Tainted Field Land Torment $1.48
Tainted Isle Land Torment $1.38
Tainted Peak Land Torment $0.90
Tainted Wood Land Torment $1.19
Temporary Insanity Instant 3R Torment $0.19
Teroh's Faithful Creature - Cleric 3W 1/4 Torment $0.13
Teroh's Vanguard Creature - Nomad 3W 2/2 Torment $0.19
Torment Enchant Creature 1B Stronghold $0.13
Tormented Angel Summon Creature - Angel 3W 1/5 Urza's Destiny $0.17
Tormented Hero Creature - Human Warrior B 2 / 1 Theros $0.36
Tormented Soul Creature - Spirit B 1 / 1 Magic 2013 $0.15
Tormented Soul Creature - Spirit B 1 / 1 Magic 2012 $0.17
Tormented Soul Creature - Spirit B 1 / 1 Planechase 2012 Edition $0.15
Tormented Thoughts Sorcery 2B Journey into Nyx $0.22
Tormentor Exarch Creature - Cleric 3R 2/2 New Phyrexia $0.14
Tormentor's Trident Artifact - Equipment 2 Avacyn Restored $0.15
Transcendence Enchantment 3WWW Torment $0.60
Turbulent Dreams Sorcery UU Torment $0.50
Unhinge Sorcery 2B Torment $0.12
Vengeful Dreams Instant WW Torment $0.57
Violent Eruption Instant 1RRR Torment $0.41
Waste Away Instant 4B Torment $0.12
Zombie Trailblazer Creature - Zombie BBB 2/2 Torment $0.87

Combos for: Everlasting Torment
Combo Name: Everlasting Tatterkite [Submitted by: Squillis]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Enchante Tatterkite with Pariah while Everlasting Torment is in play and any damage that would be done to you is done to Tatterkite in the form of -1/-1 counters... which can't be placed on him because of his ability. This makes you invulnerable to damage (not life loss, though) until your opponent(s) can get rid of either enchantment.
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Combo Name: MORE POWER!!!!!! [Submitted by: Dfire]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Have everlating torment on the field with flourishing defenses. You also need a devoted druid that has no summoning sickness and Quillspike. Tap Devoted druid for a green and then untap, you trigger flourishing defenses by ading a -1/-1 counter to devoted druid use the mana to activate Quillspike and remove the -1/-1 counter to give quillspike +3/+3. Rinse and Repeat o lets say a million time and then use quillspike to attack or defend. Everlating torment triggers and all that damage becomes wither damage (yah more -1/-1 are happening) you get X more elves (x being whatever the total amount of damage was) You can also combo flourishing and everlasting torment with field wipes for even more fun.
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Combo Name: Everlasting Taters [Submitted by: zerker]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Simple, just have both in play, makes tatterkite immune to all damage. Since it can't have counters placed on it, only universal effects and remove from game effects work. Also, makes a good chump blocker seeing as how it now has wither.
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Combo Name: Transcending the Torment [Submitted by: ShadowSphinx]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
This Enchantment combo will basically give you infinite life. Transcendence says you can not lose from having 0 or less life, but that you lose if you have 20 or more life. For each damage dealt to you, you gain 2 life instead. Everlasting torment states that players can not gain life, and that damage can not be prevented. Having 2 Greater Auramancy's gives all of your enchantments (including each other) Shroud.Wheel of Sun and Moon sends any card that would be put into your graveyard to the bottom of your Library instead(Keeping your Library well stocked). And if you really want to get vicious, add Wound Reflection to the combo to DOUBLE all damage that your opponents receive.
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Combo Name: the E.L.F. Virus [Submitted by: denkezal]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
easy combo, get the suckers out in any order. and then watch the elves appear! with marshals anthem your creatures become one stronger. with midnight banshee, all green creatures will get -1/-1, with flourishing defenses, you will generate an elf evertime a -1/-1 counter is placed on a creature. with everlasting torment, all DAMAGE is considered wither. everlasting torment is why I call this a virus.  say a 9/9 without trample decided to attack you, I dont know if this still counts now but I believe that if you block with a 1/1 and all damge is turned to wither, that means the 1/1 just became a -8/-8.  Thus generating (thanks to flourishing defenses) 9 elves! feel free to burn your own creatures friends!  if you dont know what I mean... lets say 6 2/2 wolves are attacking, and you only have four elves to block with.  all you would have to do is lightning bolt one elf (if you really wanted to you could just lightning bolt a wolf, but for the sake of argument lets just pretend the wolves have shroud lol) thus triggering your flourishing defenses and creating 3 additional elves!
 to really make this combo nasty, add hissing iguanar!


p.s. The letters in the acronym E.L.F. mean "Evil Little F***ers

[Edited by denkezal on 11/May/10 at 5:39AM]
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Combo Name: no attack or block for opponents creatures [Submitted by: Draco_lich]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
simply use the hellkite to ping opponents creature before defenders are declared

this is a fix for a prior combo for the kulrath knight

grafted Exoskeleton is a bonus feature for a fast death in poison counters
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Combo Name: Another Kulrath creature lockdown. [Submitted by: Turbine]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

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Combo Name: All or nothing [Submitted by: flagshippredator]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Have all three on the field. they have to attack individually or swing all in one. Either way their dudes are getting smaller and your dudes can go right through.
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Combo Name: -1/-1 counters anyone? [Submitted by: Spengo]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Kulrath and necroskitter first

Then get greater auramancy out (preferably 2 so they protect each other, then drop blowfly, aether, and eternal.

When all is out, as a player plays a creature, if it\'s toughness is 2 or less, it instantly dies and you get to take it.  If it\'s greater than 2, it gets 2 -1/-1 counters and it can\'t attack or block.  As smaller creatures die, you get to put more counters on the big creatures until they too die and eventually you control the board.

I made a deck based on this with Carnifax Demon, Grim Poppet, crumbling ashes, and soulsnuffer.  I threw in a few Fate Transfer, and no one will play it casually.  When any part of the deck comes out, it starts to slow or kill them.  If they play something huge, you can start bouncing -1 counters off your own stuff to ultimately kill their stuff and board wipe every turn.

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Combo Name: Creature protection [Submitted by: Turbine]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
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Combo Name: Truly Undying [Submitted by: hypnoschaos]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Swamp is any creature with Undying

Everlasting torment causes all damage to place -1/-1 counters on creatures, so pyrohemia or pestilence can remove +1/+1 counters, allowing your creatures to come back.
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Combo Name: Guild Feud [Submitted by: knarf_the_dwarf]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Mountain ==

Funny way to get your fatties out and get creature advantage. Either with Darkest Memorial or with Everlasting Mikaeus.
There are tons of other combos like having creatures with deathtouch, infect, protection, persist, undying,... Creatures with ETB abilities are welcome, too, but the resolving of the ETB happens after the creatures fighted each other.

Funny with stuffy doll out and some en-Kor creatures in your lib and opp throws a big fatty!-))

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Combo Name: Dirty bombs inspire me [Submitted by: Atogatog]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
I like the dirty bomb idea so I put my spin on it

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Combo Name: Flayer of the Hatebound withers all [Submitted by: knarf_the_dwarf]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

A nice way of using undying and wither. Have both enchantments in Play and cast the Flayer. target itself with the damage from pandemonium. Now the Loop will start, Flayer gets 4 -1/-1 counters and dies, then he returns from graveyard triggering 2x5 damage (5 from pandemonium and 5 from itself). Now target the Flayer and one player with 5 damage each. Repeat.

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Combo Name: Pyrohemian Rhapsody [Submitted by: terakhan]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Get all three onto the field. Remove a counter from Morselhoarder to make 1 red mana. Spend this mana on Pyrohemia's ability, which will do 1 damage to each creature and player. Thanks to Everlasting Torment, this will be unpreventable damage (protection bypassing), and put a counter back on Morselhoarder to do it again.
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Combo Name: Everlasting Surge [Submitted by: terakhan]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Get the trio out, and either deal damage to a creature or put a creature onto the field.

-If you dealt damage, Flourishing Defenses will trigger, giving you that many elf tokens.

-If you put a creature on the field, Warstorm Surge will trigger, letting you hit an opposing creature for damage, in turn triggering Flourishing Defenses to give you an elf token.

Regardless of which method it you took, you now have a potentially infinite loop of creature removal token creation. Keep pinging off opposing creatures until your path is cleared, and you have a free, sizable army of elf tokens to send down said path.
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Combo Name: Geralf's Station [Submitted by: knarf_the_dwarf]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Have all in Play.
Sac first Messenger to the Station to deal 1 damage (-1/-1 Counter) to the second Messenger.
The first Messenger enters due to undying with +1/+1 counter, untaps the Station, opp loses 2 life. Sac the second Messenger dealing 1 damage to the first equalizing the Counters, repeat...
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Combos for: Neverending Torment
Combo Name: This is the Pwn that doesnt end... [Submitted by: JMDin83]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
play your spellbook, then when youre set on blockers or lifegain, play Neverending Torment.

With Neverending Torment on the stack, Twincast it and prepare to exile them away quickly.

Exile 10 cards from your library during my upkeep?  of my choice?  MINIMUM?  yah ill take that, thx

i use breeding pits as a way to keep creatures, and if im set i just use Words of Worship in order to keep myself alive :)

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Combo Name: Ad Platinum Torment [Submitted by: KaintheUnholy]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Psychosis Crawler and Platinum Emperium could be useful also,

Have the Platinum Emperium of Angel out. use Ad Nauseam to draw as many cards as you need. Can use Neverending torment for monoblack  or use spiraling embers for black/red.

spellbook or reliquary tower just in case you dont finish it in the first round

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Combo Name: Epic cards (literally) with no hand size=death [Submitted by: T}{3 0l\l3 VV}{0 1S]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
have out spell book and both mirrors. but one epic on each mirror. next turn you draw one and cast each epic once. next turn: draw one more: cast each epic twice. ten turns later: you have drawn 10 more cards, and cast each epic a total of 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12=78. 78 epics in twelve turns. and each turn X goes up by one.
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Combo Name: Enter Torment [Submitted by: DrewAirStar]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Island is enter the infinite

Use enter the infinite, next turn cast Elixir of Immortality and Neverending Torment.
They remove most if not all of the cards from their deck, with the rest being useless cards.
On their turn, use elixir's ability to shuffle all of your cards back into your library so you don't lose next turn.
Also works with Endless Swarm.
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Combo Name: Epic Hive [Submitted by: knarf_the_dwarf]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
 Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Hive Mind and Blood Funnel in play. Cast Neverending Torment.
Guess what happens.!-D
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Combo Name: For RedZTape [Submitted by: knarf_the_dwarf]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Island is Enter the Infinite
Paradox Haze is for a three player game!-)
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Combo Name: Torment Trap [Submitted by: terakhan]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Get the Witchbane Orb, Hive Mind, and Finally Blood Funnel down, then cast Neverending Torment.

First, your opponent(s) copies resolve, trapping them with the epic effect, and most likely, thanks to the orb, forcing them to exile their own library one handful at a time. Then your copy is countered (unless you were silly about it), because you didn't sacrifice a creature to the Blood Funnel.

Every opponent you are playing against is now locked out of playing spells for the rest of the game, and forced to exile-mill either themselves or one of your other opponents. Meanwhile, you are free to continue with whatever antics you may wish.

This is just another one of my combos from the online client.

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Combo Name: Final Epicity [Submitted by: terakhan]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Well, the system has innistrad but not ravnica 2 yet, I guess. Braingeyser is standing in for Epic Experiment.

Just a little thing I noticed. The rules on the kamigawa block epic spells are that once the spell resolves, it locks you out of casting further spells. With Epic Experiment, however, you can cast as many of the epic spells as you want, since they will already be cast and waiting to resolve and bypass the epic lock.

So, with the right mana and flip, you could cast all five of them together. With an even better flip and a lot more mana, you could cast four copies of each, but that is 1/3 of a deck and probably not practical at all for play.

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Combos for: Tormented Hero
Combo Name: Mono Black Standard turn 5 win [Submitted by: LoxodonThrash]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
1. Hero
5.sanguine bond then gary
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Combos for: Tormented Soul
Combo Name: Whispering Souls [Submitted by: ral_zarek]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
cipher whispering madness onto tormented soul. since it is unblockable, the cipher ability works each turn. the tower lets you have as many cards as you want.
i completely forgot to add Notion Theif! it does not let your opponents draw cards other than their first card they draw each turn, instead, you draw those cards

[Edited by ral_zarek on 15/May/14 at 9:57AM]
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Combos for: Tormented Thoughts
Combo Name: Waste not want not [Submitted by: Chewy]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Swamp is waste not. Could add urborg if needed
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