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123 results for: The Dark
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Amnesia Sorcery 3UUU The Dark $0.75
Angry Mob Summon Mob 2WW 2+*/2+* The Dark $0.27
Apprentice Wizard Summon Wizard 1UU 0/1 The Dark $1.15
Ashes to Ashes Sorcery 1BB The Dark $0.18
Ball Lightning Summon Ball Lightning RRR 6/1 The Dark $9.40
Banshee Summon Banshee 2BB 0/1 The Dark $0.20
Barl's Cage Artifact 4 The Dark $0.43
Blood Moon Enchantment 2R The Dark $10.35
Blood of the Martyr Instant WWW The Dark $0.25
Bog Imp Summon Imp 1B 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Bog Rats Summon Rats B 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Bone Flute Artifact 3 The Dark $0.20
Book of Rass Artifact 6 The Dark $0.25
Brainwash Enchant Creature W The Dark $0.14
Brothers of Fire Summon Brothers 1RR 2/2 The Dark $0.21
Carnivorous Plant Summon Wall 3G 4/5 The Dark $0.13
Cave People Summon Cave People 1RR 1/4 The Dark $0.20
City of Shadows Land The Dark $2.68
Cleansing Sorcery WWW The Dark $0.82
Coal Golem Artifact Creature 5 3/3 The Dark $0.21
Curse Artifact Enchant Art 2BB The Dark $0.21
Dance of Many Enchantment UU The Dark $0.87
Dark Heart of the Wood Enchantment BG The Dark $0.16
Dark Sphere Artifact 0 The Dark $0.55
Deep Water Enchantment UU The Dark $0.14
Diabolic Machine Artifact Creature 7 4/4 The Dark $0.20
Drowned Summon Zombies 1U 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Dust to Dust Sorcery 1WW The Dark $0.16
Eater of the Dead Summon Eater 4B 3/4 The Dark $0.46
Electric Eel Summon Eel U 1/1 The Dark $0.20
Elves of Deep Shadow Summon Elves G 1/1 The Dark $1.39
Erosion Enchant Land UUU The Dark $0.13
Eternal Flame Sorcery 2RR The Dark $0.41
Exorcist Summon Exorcist WW 1/1 The Dark $1.64
Fasting Enchantment W The Dark $0.20
Fellwar Stone Artifact 2 The Dark $1.17
Festival Instant W The Dark $0.14
Fire and Brimstone Instant 3WW The Dark $0.22
Fire Drake Summon Drake 1RR 1/2 The Dark $0.22
Fissure Instant 3RR The Dark $0.15
Flood Enchantment U The Dark $0.29
Fountain of Youth Artifact 0 The Dark $0.33
Frankenstein's Monster Summon Monster XBB 0/1 The Dark $1.09
Gaea's Touch Enchantment GG The Dark $0.44
Ghost Ship Summon Ship 2UU 2/4 The Dark $0.13
Giant Shark Summon Shark 5U 4/4 The Dark $0.14
Goblin Caves Enchant Land 1RR The Dark $0.23
Goblin Digging Team Summon Goblins R 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Goblin Hero Summon Goblin 2R 2/2 The Dark $0.12
Goblin Rock Sled Summon Rock Sled 1R 3/1 The Dark $0.12
Goblin Shrine Enchant Land 1RR The Dark $0.14
Goblin Wizard Summon Goblin 2RR 1/1 The Dark $7.52
Goblins of the Flarg Summon Goblins R 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Grave Robbers Summon Robbers 1BB 1/1 The Dark $0.49
Hidden Path Enchantment 2GGGG The Dark $0.68
Holy Light Instant 2W The Dark $0.16
Inferno Instant 5RR The Dark $1.06
Inquisition Sorcery 2B The Dark $0.12
Knights of Thorn Summon Knights 3W 2/2 The Dark $1.19
Land Leeches Summon Leeches 1GG 2/2 The Dark $0.13
Leviathan Summon Leviathan 5UUUU 10/10 The Dark $1.00
Liliana of the Dark Realms Planeswalker - Liliana 2BB Magic 2013 $5.62
Liliana of the Dark Realms Planeswalker - Liliana 2BB Magic 2014 $5.53
Living Armor Artifact 4 The Dark $0.20
Lurker Summon Lurker 2G 2/3 The Dark $0.43
Mana Clash Sorcery R The Dark $0.54
Mana Vortex Enchantment 1UU The Dark $3.31
Marsh Gas Instant B The Dark $0.13
Marsh Goblins Summon Goblins BR 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Marsh Viper Summon Viper 3G 1/2 The Dark $0.14
Martyr's Cry Sorcery WW The Dark $0.58
Maze of Ith Land The Dark $38.29
Merfolk Assassin Summon Merfolk UU 1/2 The Dark $0.69
Mind Bomb Sorcery U The Dark $0.68
Miracle Worker Summon Miracle Worker W 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Morale Instant 1WW The Dark $0.13
Murk Dwellers Summon Murk Dwellers 3B 2/2 The Dark $0.13
Nameless Race Summon Nameless Race 3B */* The Dark $0.45
Necropolis Artifact Creature 5 0/1 The Dark $0.24
Niall Silvain Summon Niall Silvain GGG 2/2 The Dark $0.44
Orc General Summon General 2R 2/2 The Dark $0.21
People of the Woods Summon People of the Woods GG 1/* The Dark $0.24
Pikemen Summon Pikemen 1W 1/1 The Dark $0.12
Preacher Summon Preacher 1WW 1/1 The Dark $6.28
Psychic Allergy Enchantment 3UU The Dark $0.50
Rag Man Summon Rag Man 2BB 2/1 The Dark $0.51
Reflecting Mirror Artifact 4 The Dark $0.25
Repel the Darkness Instant 2W Rise of the Eldrazi $0.10
Riptide Instant U The Dark $0.13
Rise of the Dark Realms Sorcery 7BB Magic 2014 $2.59
Runesword Artifact 6 The Dark $0.21
Safe Haven Land The Dark $1.26
Savaen Elves Summon Elves G 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Scarecrow Artifact Creature 5 2/2 The Dark $0.29
Scarwood Bandits Summon Bandits 2GG 2/2 The Dark $0.61
Scarwood Goblins Summon Goblins GR 2/2 The Dark $0.14
Scarwood Hag Summon Hag 1G 1/1 The Dark $0.21
Scavenger Folk Summon Scavenger Folk G 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Season of the Witch Enchantment BBB The Dark $0.96
Sisters of the Flame Summon Sisters 1RR 2/2 The Dark $0.20
Skull of Orm Artifact 3 The Dark $0.51
Sorrow's Path Land The Dark $0.71
Spitting Slug Summon Slug 1GG 2/4 The Dark $0.21
Squire Summon Squire 1W 1/2 The Dark $0.13
Standing Stones Artifact 3 The Dark $0.21
Stone Calendar Artifact 5 The Dark $1.96
Sunken City Enchantment UU The Dark $0.15
Tangle Kelp Enchant Creature U The Dark $0.21
The Fallen Summon Fallen 1BBB 2/3 The Dark $0.24
Tivadar's Crusade Sorcery 1WW The Dark $1.29
Tormod's Crypt Artifact 0 The Dark $3.96
Tower of Coireall Artifact 2 The Dark $0.21
Tracker Summon Tracker 2G 2/2 The Dark $0.69
Uncle Istvan Summon Uncle Istvan 1BBB 1/3 The Dark $0.38
Venom Enchant Creature 1GG The Dark $0.13
Wand of Ith Artifact 4 The Dark $0.31
War Barge Artifact 4 The Dark $0.31
Water Wurm Summon Wurm U 1/1 The Dark $0.13
Whippoorwill Summon Whippoorwill G 1/1 The Dark $0.22
Witch Hunter Summon Hunter 2WW 1/1 The Dark $0.94
Word of Binding Sorcery XBB The Dark $0.13
Worms of the Earth Enchantment 2BBB The Dark $1.45
Wormwood Treefolk Summon Treefolk 3GG 4/4 The Dark $0.62

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