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158 results for: Scourge
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Accelerated Mutation Instant 3GG Scourge $0.11
Ageless Sentinels Creature - Wall 3W 4/4 Scourge $0.41
Alpha Status Enchant Creature 2G Scourge $1.25
Ambush Commander Creature - Elf 3GG 2/2 Scourge $2.19
Ancient Ooze Creature - Ooze 5GG */* Scourge $0.60
Aphetto Runecaster Creature - Wizard 3U 2/3 Scourge $0.20
Ark of Blight Artifact 2 Scourge $0.19
Astral Steel Instant 2W Scourge $0.12
Aven Farseer Creature - Bird Soldier 1W 1/1 Scourge $0.12
Aven Liberator Creature - Bird Soldier 2WW 2/3 Scourge $0.11
Bladewing the Risen Creature - Dragon Legend 3BBRR 4/4 Scourge $2.07
Bladewing's Thrall Creature - Zombie 2BB 3/3 Scourge $0.22
Bonethorn Valesk Creature - Beast 4R 4/2 Scourge $0.11
Brain Freeze Instant 1U Scourge $2.58
Break Asunder Sorcery 2GG Scourge $0.11
Cabal Conditioning Sorcery 6B Scourge $0.41
Cabal Interrogator Creature - Zombie Wizard 1B 1/1 Scourge $0.33
Call to the Grave Enchantment 4B Scourge $1.96
Carbonize Instant 2R Scourge $0.20
Carrion Feeder Creature - Zombie B 1/1 Scourge $0.22
Chartooth Cougar Creature - Cat Beast 5R 4/4 Scourge $0.11
Chill Haunting Instant 1B Scourge $0.18
Claws of Wirewood Sorcery 3G Scourge $0.19
Clutch of Undeath Enchant Creature 3BB Scourge $0.11
Coast Watcher Creature - Bird Soldier 1U 1/1 Scourge $0.12
Consumptive Goo Creature - Ooze BB 1/1 Scourge $0.43
Daru Spiritualist Creature - Cleric 1W 1/1 Scourge $0.15
Daru Warchief Creature - Soldier 2WW 1/1 Scourge $2.16
Dawn Elemental Creature - Elemental WWWW 3/3 Scourge $1.32
Day of the Dragons Enchantment 4UUU Scourge $1.30
Death's-Head Buzzard Creature - Bird 1BB 2/1 Scourge $0.11
Decree of Annihilation Sorcery 8RR Scourge $0.91
Decree of Justice Sorcery XX2WW Scourge $3.33
Decree of Pain Sorcery 6BB Scourge $5.32
Decree of Savagery Instant 7GG Scourge $0.64
Decree of Silence Enchantment 6UU Scourge $0.74
Dimensional Breach Sorcery 5WW Scourge $0.43
Dispersal Shield Instant 1U Scourge $0.12
Divergent Growth Instant G Scourge $0.12
Dragon Breath Enchant Creature 1R Scourge $0.14
Dragon Fangs Enchant Creature 1G Scourge $0.12
Dragon Mage Creature - Dragon Wizard 5RR 5/5 Scourge $2.40
Dragon Scales Enchant Creature 1W Scourge $0.12
Dragon Shadow Enchant Creature 1B Scourge $0.12
Dragon Tyrant Creature - Dragon 8RR 6/6 Scourge $3.02
Dragon Wings Enchant Creature 1U Scourge $0.11
Dragonspeaker Shaman Creature - Barbarian 1RR 2/2 Scourge $2.48
Dragonstalker Creature - Bird Soldier 4W 3/3 Scourge $0.21
Dragonstorm Sorcery 8R Scourge $3.36
Edgewalker Creature - Cleric 1WB 2/2 Scourge $0.41
Elvish Aberration Creature - Elf Mutant 5G 4/5 Scourge $0.27
Enrage Instant XR Scourge $0.20
Eternal Dragon Creature - Dragon Spirit 5WW 5/5 Scourge $4.99
Exiled Doomsayer Creature - Cleric 1W 1/2 Scourge $0.42
Extra Arms Enchant Creature 4R Scourge $0.19
Faces of the Past Enchantment 2U Scourge $0.41
Fatal Mutation Enchant Creature B Scourge $0.19
Fierce Empath Creature - Elf 2G 1/1 Scourge $0.16
Final Punishment Sorcery 3BB Scourge $0.43
Force Bubble Enchantment 2WW Scourge $0.43
Forgotten Ancient Creature - Elemental 3G 0/3 Scourge $2.54
Form of the Dragon Enchantment 4RRR Scourge $0.65
Frontline Strategist Creature - Soldier W 1/1 Scourge $0.12
Frozen Solid Enchant Creature 1UU Scourge $0.11
Gilded Light Instant 1W Scourge $0.25
Goblin Brigand Creature - Goblin 1R 2/2 Scourge $0.11
Goblin Psychopath Creature - Goblin Mutant 3R 5/5 Scourge $0.18
Goblin War Strike Sorcery R Scourge $0.28
Goblin Warchief Creature - Goblin 1RR 2/2 Scourge $2.78
Grip of Chaos Enchantment 4RR Scourge $0.41
Guilty Conscience Enchant Creature W Scourge $0.17
Haakon, Stromgald Scourge Legendary Creature - Zombie Knight 1BB 3/3 Coldsnap $2.71
Hindering Touch Instant 3U Scourge $0.12
Hunting Pack Instant 5GG Scourge $0.21
Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge Legendary Creature - Vampire Wizard 1UBR 1 / 3 Commander 2013 $1.42
Karona's Zealot Creature - Cleric 4W 2/5 Scourge $0.21
Karona, False God Creature - Legend 1WUBRG 5/5 Scourge $0.52
Krosan Drover Creature - Elf 3G 2/2 Scourge $0.13
Krosan Warchief Creature - Beast 2G 2/2 Scourge $0.56
Kurgadon Creature - Beast 4G 3/3 Scourge $0.18
Lethal Vapors Enchantment 2BB Scourge $0.59
Lingering Death Enchant Creature 1B Scourge $0.12
Long-Term Plans Instant 2U Scourge $0.39
Mercurial Kite Creature - Bird 3U 2/2 Scourge $0.12
Metamorphose Instant 1U Scourge $0.20
Mind's Desire Sorcery 4UU Scourge $1.00
Mischievous Quanar Creature - Beast 4U 3/3 Scourge $0.42
Misguided Rage Sorcery 2R Scourge $0.11
Mistform Warchief Creature - Illusion 2U 1/3 Scourge $0.26
Nefashu Creature - Zombie Mutant 4BB 5/3 Scourge $0.42
Noble Templar Creature - Cleric Soldier 5W 3/6 Scourge $0.11
One with Nature Enchant Creature G Scourge $0.30
Parallel Thoughts Enchantment 3UU Scourge $0.50
Pemmin's Aura Enchant Creature 1UU Scourge $0.84
Primitive Etchings Enchantment 2GG Scourge $0.44
Proteus Machine Artifact Creature 3 2/2 Scourge $0.19
Putrid Raptor Creature - Zombie Beast 4BB 4/4 Scourge $0.20
Pyrostatic Pillar Enchantment 1R Scourge $0.81
Rain of Blades Instant W Scourge $0.21
Raven Guild Initiate Creature - Wizard 2U 1/4 Scourge $0.12
Raven Guild Master Creature - Wizard Mutant 1UU 1/1 Scourge $2.90
Reaping the Graves Instant 2B Scourge $0.11
Recuperate Instant 3W Scourge $0.12
Reward the Faithful Instant W Scourge $0.19
Riptide Survivor Creature - Wizard 2U 2/1 Scourge $0.19
Rock Jockey Creature - Goblin 2R 3/3 Scourge $0.11
Root Elemental Creature - Elemental 4GG 6/5 Scourge $0.40
Rush of Knowledge Sorcery 4U Scourge $0.13
Scattershot Instant 2R Scourge $0.12
Scornful Egotist Creature - Wizard 7U 1/1 Scourge $0.11
Scourge Devil Creature - Devil 4R 3/3 Shards of Alara $0.17
Scourge of Fleets Creature - Kraken 5UU 6 / 6 Journey into Nyx $0.44
Scourge of Geier Reach Creature - Elemental 3RR 3/3 Innistrad $0.14
Scourge of Kher Ridges Creature - Dragon 6RR 6/6 Future Sight $1.78
Scourge of Numai Creature - Demon Spirit 3B 4/4 Betrayers of Kamigawa $0.19
Scourge of Skola Vale Creature - Hydra 2G 0 / 0 Born of the Gods $0.73
Scourge of the Nobilis Enchantment - Aura 2(R/W) Eventide $0.14
Scourge of Valkas Creature - Dragon 2RRR 4 / 4 Magic 2014 $1.83
Scourge Servant Creature - Zombie 4B 3/3 Mirrodin Besieged $0.09
Scourgemark Enchantment - Aura 1B Theros $0.14
Shoreline Ranger Creature - Bird Soldier 5U 3/4 Scourge $0.12
Siege-Gang Commander Creature - Goblin 3RR 2/2 Scourge $1.63
Silver Knight Creature - Knight WW 2/2 Scourge $0.71
Skirk Volcanist Creature - Goblin 3R 3/1 Scourge $0.18
Skulltap Sorcery 1B Scourge $0.12
Sliver Overlord Creature - Sliver Mutant Legend WUBRG 7/7 Scourge $4.54
Soul Collector Creature - Vampire 3BB 3/4 Scourge $0.85
Soul Scourge Creature - Nightmare Horror 4B 3/2 Torment $0.12
Spark Spray Instant R Scourge $0.12
Sprouting Vines Instant 2G Scourge $0.12
Stabilizer Artifact 2 Scourge $0.47
Stifle Instant U Scourge $17.45
Stingscourger Creature - Goblin Warrior 1R 2/2 Planar Chaos $0.15
Sulfuric Vortex Enchantment 1RR Scourge $2.68
Temple of the False God Land Scourge $0.60
Temporal Fissure Sorcery 4U Scourge $0.13
Tendrils of Agony Sorcery 2BB Scourge $1.38
Thundercloud Elemental Creature - Elemental 5UU 3/4 Scourge $0.18
Titanic Bulvox Creature - Beast 6GG 7/4 Scourge $0.11
Torrent of Fire Sorcery 3RR Scourge $0.11
Trap Digger Creature - Soldier 3W 1/3 Scourge $0.39
Treetop Scout Creature - Elf G 1/1 Scourge $0.14
Twisted Abomination Creature - Zombie Mutant 5B 5/3 Scourge $0.14
Unburden Sorcery 1BB Scourge $0.11
Uncontrolled Infestation Enchant Land 1R Scourge $0.11
Undead Warchief Creature - Zombie 2BB 1/1 Scourge $4.79
Unspeakable Symbol Enchantment 1BB Scourge $0.18
Upwelling Enchantment 3G Scourge $0.49
Vengeful Dead Creature - Zombie 3B 3/2 Scourge $0.21
Warren-Scourge Elf Creature - Elf Warrior 1G 1/1 Lorwyn $0.11
Wing Shards Instant 1WW Scourge $0.48
Wipe Clean Instant 1W Scourge $0.12
Wirewood Guardian Creature - Elf Mutant 5GG 6/6 Scourge $0.11
Wirewood Symbiote Creature - Insect G 1/1 Scourge $2.48
Woodcloaker Creature - Elf 5G 3/3 Scourge $0.11
Xantid Swarm Creature - Insect G 0/1 Scourge $2.56
Zealous Inquisitor Creature - Cleric 2W 2/2 Scourge $0.11
Zombie Cutthroat Creature - Zombie 3BB 3/4 Scourge $0.13

Combos for: Haakon, Stromgald Scourge
Combo Name: replayable Inversion [Submitted by: Squillis]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
With Haakon in play, play a Nameless inversion. Once it hit's the graveyard, because it has all creature types it is a Knight, you can play it again while it is in your graveyard. Add Locket of Yesterdays to make it cost 1 less while it's in the graveyard.
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Combo Name: Haakon Ashes [Submitted by: SKETCH]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
This is a great deck to play. I like to use Skirk Ridge Exhumer or Undead Gladiator to get Haakon in the GY. play Ashes (set to Knights) once you have Undead Warchief out, Nameless Inversion cost B to play. I run this combo with zombies.
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Combo Name: Knight the freshly dead [Submitted by: JkerPlay]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Have Haakon, Stromgald Scourge and Ashes of the Fallen in play set to knight. Play Corpse Connoisseur from your hand and search for any creature card. You can then play that card from your graveyard.

Try adding Conspiracy set to zombie and Undead Warchief to make your creatures cost less and get +2/+1 bonus for every Undead Warchief. Sac. Corpse Connoisseur to repeat.

If you use Conspiracy, then you must play it before Ashes of the Fallen.
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Combo Name: Three Different Ones [Submitted by: Houston]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Have you ever noticed MTG creates the same card several times... anyways...

1 . Get Haakon, Stromgald Scourge in the grave yard using Smallpox or Glimpse the Unthinkable...

2 . Play Haakon, Stromgald Scourge
3 . Play Conspiracy
4 . Play either the ghoul, the husk, or the vampire

5 . cast the Ornithopter and sac it to the ghoul, the husk, or the vampire.
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Combo Name: Unlimited Counterspell [Submitted by: Ephemerance]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
4 blue mana per counter
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Combo Name: 1 black per 1 loss [Submitted by: Ephemerance]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Perfect for pure black.

Cast conspiracy choosing knight, sac the cultist again and again for the effects.

1 black mana - gain one life, your opponent loses one.

Add in Graveyard Pact or other triggering cards to sweeten the deal. You can also use this to summon any creature from your graveyard (because of the Haakon).
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Combo Name: Bye Bye, Library [Submitted by: Egas]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Get Basal Sliver, Skeletal Changling, and Haakon out onto the field
Haakon using Entomb
Then sacrifice skeletal changling repeatedly and use basal sliver\'s effect to bring it back out with Haakon\'s effect
then play bitter ordeal to remove opponent\'s entire library
Thanks to my friend damon for this one
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Combo Name: Unlimited exile [Submitted by: Ephemerance]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

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Combo Name: Cannot be countered [Submitted by: Ephemerance]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
The name is a bit misleading, but the idea is that you can cast Nameless inversion an unlimited number of times for free from your graveyard. This defeats the purpose of using a counterspells to try to stop it.
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Combo Name: Edrazi spawns FTW! [Submitted by: shakii23]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
I don't know if Helm of awakening would work on reducing the cost of playing Skittering invasion from the graveyard so i used doubling season, just to be sure...
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Combo Name: Free to draw... [Submitted by: shakii23]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
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Combo Name: Pump your creatures to the max... changeling style... [Submitted by: shakii23]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Oh well, since Nameless inversion and Shields of Velis Vel are free to cast from graveyard if Haakon is in play... you can pump all your creatures' toughness to almost infinity then pump their power using Nameless inversion to almost infinity also... keep them alive... no use having awesome power when you have no toughness... you can also kill your opponent's creatures...
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Combo Name: Play Every Creature In Your Deck [Submitted by: DansModernLife]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
This combo is easy to figure out. I run it in a deck with lots of white and black knights so I added Haakon to the combo. He being there makes more sense if the deck has knights but still works in the combo if you dont.
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Combo Name: Help me name this. [Submitted by: psyche]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
I can\'t think of a name. This combo lets you take one creature in your hand, discard that creature to find one you want, and then play the discarded creature as well. 1 green mana lets you control what creatures you draw, and lets you get more creatures onto the field.
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Combo Name: Play from the Grave [Submitted by: Ephemerance]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
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Combo Name: Trancy trading conspiracy [Submitted by: lin sivvi]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Use the stromgarm tactics to discard Stormgald, Donate Conspiracy, and put Shaman\'s trance on the panoptic mirror, then on your next turn, start playing all their creatures from the grave.
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Combo Name: Yay combos!!! [Submitted by: PinkiePie]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Have haakon, the sliver, and the changeling in play! sac the changeling! play it from your graveyard! repeat! play bitter ordeal! win!
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Combo Name: Rooftop Grave-Blasting [Submitted by: Thrax-n-Plunder]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Island = Rooftop Storm

So rooftop storm, blasting station and haakon on the field, we can infinitely send mr changleling through the blasting station and the graveyard! Of course any other zombie+knight will do, although we wouldn\'t even need another critter if Haakon didn\'t drain 2 life every time he dies. There are many modifications to this combo, so I\'ll leave it to the peanut gallery to reveal them!
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Combo Name: Infinite life and creature boost [Submitted by: Alos]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

I currently run a deck based around this.

With all of the cards in play, sac the Escort to the Altar for W. Then play the Escort back from the graveyard to put a charge counter on the Door and gain 1 life. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Works even faster with multiple Doors/Feathers.

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Combo Name: Haakon The infinite Storm [Submitted by: blazedphoenix]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Nice Combo, Have Haakon on the field with Ashes of the fallen set to Knight.

Get blood pet in your graveyard then infinite cast and sacrifice to create infinite storm for Tendrils.
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Combo Name: Not really amazing Searing Meditation combo [Submitted by: Nickosis]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
It is pretty much stupid and I know there is a better way than Haakon and Ashes of the Fallen, but eh, for now this works. I'm sure someone else has done it or has done something similar. I'd rather keep it all white/red so if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to state them.
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Combo Name: The Dark Knight Rises (again...and again...and again) [Submitted by: DarkestSonata]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Pretty simple, and there's a billion ways to abuse this.
1. Exsanguinate- mana dump
2. Blood Artist- PAIN & GAIN!
3. Harvester of Souls- S's & G's
4. Extractor Demon- milling
5. Bitter Ordeal- milling...again
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Combo Name: Calypso [Submitted by: Chewy]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Since Haakon can only be cast from a graveyard, I figured this would be as good a way as any to abuse him. The same could easily work for Gravecrawler, but in this instance it doesn't make much of a difference.
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Combos for: Scourge of Fleets
Combo Name: Return all (basic) lands and creatures to your opponent's hand [Submitted by: Dusk]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Change the text of Life and Limb accordingly to the basic land type your opponent is playing, then play Scourge of Fleets.
Add Deadeye Navigator and repeat the process every turn.

[Edited by Dusk on 12/May/14 at 2:20AM]
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Combo Name: If cyclonic rift isn't an option [Submitted by: Chewy]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
This could do the same with two islands out
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Combos for: Scourge of Skola Vale
Combo Name: Hydra's Rebuttal [Submitted by: Chewy]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Not the typical use for a hydra, but still great synergy. The idea is to play the hydra, then zegana as an edh general. Sac zegana to the hydra after gaining the card draw, recast her after giving your hydra at least 3 counters if nothing else is in play the first go about it, and you've now drawn 6 cards. After which you'd draw 12, then 24, 48, and so on.
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Combos for: Scourge of the Nobilis
Combo Name: Burning Sensation When God Goes No. 1 [Submitted by: ghostfire86]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
4 damage to your opponent, 2 to you, and 2 to every other creature. Then attack and pray your opponent blocks your 5/3 (subtracting the two damage already done) spitemare to add on another 5 damage, or they block and take whatever damage they decide to take. Either way you gain 5 life (if not more because you can beef up spitemare with nobolis).

Easy and elegant with just the right amount of insult to injury.
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Combo Name: Child of alara with:haste, shroud, +23/+23, vigiliance, flying, wither, first strike, deathtouch, lu [Submitted by: Atir]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
and Shield of the
Oversoul and
Steel of the
Godhead... this all in...10th round :P... if you survive, you win...
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Combo Name: yet more synergy [Submitted by: T}{3 0l\l3 VV}{0 1S]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
here is is i shouldn't have to say this but, note the names
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Combos for: Scourge of Valkas
Combo Name: Flight of Dragons [Submitted by: terakhan]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Admittedly just a counter to Chewy's latest combo. Instead of relying on a third color and having to attack, just tap the scourge to copy itself, stack its triggered ability first to the IA untaps it, and repeat in this fashion, until you have as many dragons as you want; say 100, for ease of math.
100 triggers, each seeing 100 dragons on the field, 10,000 damage divided pretty much as you choose, in packets of 100.
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Combo Name: Dragonweave [Submitted by: terakhan]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
The dragons are not intended to ever see the battlefield themselves

Get out a decent sized army (if possible, eliminate any creatures in your opponents' graveyards while doing so).

Then, Mirrorweave the Shapeshifter, turning every creature into a copy of it (not very threatening yet).

Then, use its ability to discard Utvara Hellkite, and attack with your swarm of new hellkites. Once their abilities all stack, activate the Shapeshifter again, discarding Scourge of Valkas, then let those new dragon tokens hit the field.

Here's the math, with five creatures, as an example:
Five copies of Utvara Hellkite each see five dragons attacking and trigger five times each, for a total of twenty five 6/6 dragons about to hit the field.

Once you discard the Scourge of Valkas, that becomes 125 triggers of damage, for a total of 2,250 damage (the dragons enter individually, so the count isn't maxed out for any but the last one).

[Edited by terakhan on 5/Feb/14 at 10:52PM]
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Combo Name: Assault of Valkas [Submitted by: terakhan]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Form of the Dragon sitting in for:

In English: Target any number of creatures. For each creature targeted this way, destroy it. Itís controller puts a 4/4 red dragon token with flying onto the battlefield.
This of course hinges on having SoV and any number of other creatures out.
Cast Assault of the Dragons, targeting all creatures you control except the SoV (any maybe any troublesome opposing creatures that would be less of a nuisance as a token).

Total damage will be X*X+X (the plus X being because each dragon will still see the SoV and count it for its damage trigger), where X is however many of your creatures you hit with it.
If you hit 5 creatures, you're hitting for 30 damage, plus getting some beefy tokens to swing with.
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Combos for: Stingscourger
Combo Name: The Bazaar Trader is For Goblin Decks [Submitted by: Twogunkid]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Give away your seige gang commander then play stingscourger to return him to your hand play him again for more goblins.
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Combo Name: what do you mean you have no creatures [Submitted by: xvmileycyrus]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Well this is just the base of the combo. You can however, like i do, use stuff like soul foundry or anything to untap kiki. This combo alone in my deck just makes me win quite often and if not i put a damper on things.
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