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152 results for: Judgment
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Ancestor's Chosen Creature - Cleric 5WW 4/4 Judgment $0.20
Anger Creature - Incarnation 3R 2/2 Judgment $1.05
Anurid Barkripper Creature - Beast 1GG 2/2 Judgment $0.12
Anurid Brushhopper Creature Beast 1GW 3/4 Judgment $0.60
Anurid Swarmsnapper Creature - Beast 2G 1/4 Judgment $0.18
Arcane Teachings Enchant Creature 2R Judgment $0.14
Aven Fogbringer Creature - Bird Wizard 3U 2/1 Judgment $0.13
Aven Warcraft Instant 2W Judgment $0.20
Balthor the Defiled Creature - Zombie Dwarf Legend 2BB 2/2 Judgment $3.13
Barbarian Bully Creature - Barbarian 2R 2/2 Judgment $0.13
Battle Screech Sorcery 2WW Judgment $0.33
Battlefield Scrounger Creature - Centaur 3GG 3/3 Judgment $0.12
Battlewise Aven Creature - Bird Soldier 3W 2/2 Judgment $0.12
Benevolent Bodyguard Creature - Cleric W 1/1 Judgment $0.13
Book Burning Sorcery 1R Judgment $0.18
Border Patrol Creature - Nomad 4W 1/6 Judgment $0.12
Brawn Creature - Incarnation 3G 3/3 Judgment $0.54
Breaking Point Sorcery 1RR Judgment $2.73
Browbeat Sorcery 2R Judgment $2.31
Burning Wish Sorcery 1R Judgment $8.09
Cabal Therapy Sorcery B Judgment $5.67
Cabal Trainee Creature - Minion B 1/1 Judgment $0.13
Cagemail Enchant Creature 1W Judgment $0.13
Canopy Claws Instant G Judgment $0.12
Centaur Rootcaster Creature - Centaur Druid 3G 2/2 Judgment $0.12
Cephalid Constable Creature - Wizard 1UU 1/1 Judgment $0.60
Cephalid Inkshrouder Creature - Cephalid 2U 2/1 Judgment $0.20
Chastise Instant 3W Judgment $0.30
Commander Eesha Creature - Bird Soldier Legend 2WW 2/4 Judgment $2.00
Crush of Wurms Sorcery 6GGG Judgment $0.97
Cunning Wish Instant 2U Judgment $4.85
Day of Judgment Sorcery 2WW Zendikar $2.61
Day of Judgment Sorcery 2WW Magic 2011 $4.25
Day of Judgment Sorcery 2WW Magic 2012 $1.42
Death Wish Sorcery 1BB Judgment $0.52
Defy Gravity Instant U Judgment $0.12
Dominaria's Judgment Instant 2W Planeshift $0.38
Dwarven Bloodboiler Creature - Dwarf RRR 2/2 Judgment $0.38
Dwarven Driller Creature - Dwarf 3R 2/2 Judgment $0.55
Dwarven Scorcher Creature - Dwarf R 1/1 Judgment $0.12
Earsplitting Rats Creature - Rats 3B 2/1 Judgment $0.12
Elephant Guide Enchant Creature 2G Judgment $0.40
Ember Shot Instant 6R Judgment $0.12
Envelop Instant U Judgment $0.12
Epic Struggle Enchantment 2GG Judgment $1.17
Erhnam Djinn Creature - Djinn 3G 4/5 Judgment $0.43
Exoskeletal Armor Enchant Creature 1G Judgment $0.34
Filth Creature - Incarnation 3B 2/2 Judgment $0.23
Final Judgment Sorcery 4WW Betrayers of Kamigawa $2.30
Firecat Blitz Sorcery XRR Judgment $0.20
Flaring Pain Instant 1R Judgment $0.14
Flash of Insight Instant X1U Judgment $0.24
Fledgling Dragon Creature - Dragon 2RR 2/2 Judgment $1.38
Folk Medicine Instant 2G Judgment $0.12
Forcemage Advocate Creature - Centaur 1G 2/1 Judgment $0.18
Funeral Pyre Instant W Judgment $0.12
Genesis Creature - Incarnation 4G 4/4 Judgment $12.65
Giant Warthog Creature - Beast 5G 5/5 Judgment $0.12
Glory Creature - Incarnation 3WW 3/3 Judgment $1.36
Golden Wish Sorcery 3WW Judgment $0.52
Goretusk Firebeast Creature - Beast 5R 2/2 Judgment $0.12
Grave Consequences Instant 1B Judgment $0.20
Grip of Amnesia Instant 1U Judgment $0.13
Grizzly Fate Sorcery 3GG Judgment $0.27
Guided Strike Instant 1W Judgment $0.12
Guiltfeeder Creature - Horror 3BB 0/4 Judgment $2.02
Hapless Researcher Creature - Wizard U 1/1 Judgment $0.16
Harsh Judgment Enchantment 2WW Invasion $0.50
Harvester Druid Creature - Druid 1G 1/1 Judgment $0.12
Hunting Grounds Enchantment GW Judgment $2.72
Infectious Rage Enchant Creature 1R Judgment $0.18
Iona's Judgment Sorcery 4W Worldwake $0.10
Ironshell Beetle Creature - Insect 1G 1/1 Judgment $0.12
Jeska, Warrior Adept Creature - Barbarian Legend 2RR 3/1 Judgment $0.73
Keep Watch Instant 2U Judgment $0.13
Krosan Reclamation Instant 1G Judgment $0.29
Krosan Verge Land Judgment $0.48
Krosan Wayfarer Creature - Druid G 1/1 Judgment $0.12
Laquatus's Disdain Instant 1U Judgment $0.21
Lava Dart Instant R Judgment $0.14
Lead Astray Instant 1W Judgment $0.12
Liberated Dwarf Creature - Dwarf R 1/1 Judgment $0.12
Lightning Surge Sorcery 3RR Judgment $0.41
Living Wish Sorcery 1G Judgment $4.61
Lost in Thought Enchant Creature 1U Judgment $0.14
Masked Gorgon Creature - Gorgon 4B 5/5 Judgment $0.37
Mental Note Instant U Judgment $0.16
Mirari's Wake Enchantment 3GW Judgment $9.77
Mirror Wall Creature - Wall 3U 3/4 Judgment $0.12
Mist of Stagnation Enchantment 3UU Judgment $0.38
Morality Shift Sorcery 5BB Judgment $0.39
Nantuko Monastery Land Judgment $0.38
Nantuko Tracer Creature - Insect Druid 1G 2/1 Judgment $0.12
Nomad Mythmaker Creature - Cleric 2W 2/2 Judgment $0.62
Nullmage Advocate Creature - Insect Druid 2G 2/3 Judgment $0.13
Phantom Centaur Creature - Centaur Spirit 2GG 2/0 Judgment $0.47
Phantom Flock Creature - Bird Soldier Spirit 3WW 0/0 Judgment $0.22
Phantom Nantuko Creature - Insect Spirit 2G 0/0 Judgment $0.54
Phantom Nishoba Creature - Beast Spirit 5GW 0/0 Judgment $2.34
Phantom Nomad Creature - Nomad Spirit 1W 0/0 Judgment $0.12
Phantom Tiger Creature - Spirit Cat 2G 1/0 Judgment $0.12
Planar Chaos Enchantment 2R Judgment $0.24
Prismatic Strands Instant 2W Judgment $0.15
Pulsemage Advocate Creature - Cleric 2W 1/3 Judgment $0.43
Quiet Speculation Sorcery 1U Judgment $0.29
Radiant's Judgment Instant 2W Urza's Legacy $0.15
Rats' Feast Sorcery XB Judgment $0.12
Ray of Revelation Instant 1W Judgment $0.18
Riftstone Portal Land Judgment $0.42
Scalpelexis Creature - Beast 4U 1/5 Judgment $0.61
Seedtime Instant 1G Judgment $0.60
Selfless Exorcist Creature - Cleric 3WW 3/4 Judgment $0.38
Serene Sunset Instant XG Judgment $0.20
Shaman's Trance Instant 2R Judgment $0.41
Shieldmage Advocate Creature - Cleric 2W 1/3 Judgment $0.12
Silver Seraph Creature - Angel 5WWW 6/6 Judgment $1.79
Solitary Confinement Enchantment 2W Judgment $3.89
Soulcatchers' Aerie Enchantment 1W Judgment $0.98
Soulgorger Orgg Creature - Nightmare Orgg 3RR 6/6 Judgment $0.21
Spellgorger Barbarian Creature - Nightmare Barbarian 3R 3/1 Judgment $0.12
Spelljack Instant 3UUU Judgment $2.02
Spirit Cairn Enchantment 2W Judgment $0.20
Spurnmage Advocate Creature - Nomad W 1/1 Judgment $0.19
Stitch Together Sorcery BB Judgment $0.77
Sudden Strength Instant 3G Judgment $0.13
Suntail Hawk Creature - Bird W 1/1 Judgment $0.13
Sutured Ghoul Creature - Zombie 4BBB */* Judgment $0.73
Swelter Sorcery 3R Judgment $0.19
Swirling Sandstorm Sorcery 3R Judgment $0.13
Sylvan Safekeeper Creature - Wizard G 1/1 Judgment $0.66
Telekinetic Bonds Enchantment 2UUU Judgment $0.37
Test of Endurance Enchantment 2WW Judgment $4.23
Thriss, Nantuko Primus Creature - Insect Druid Legend 5GG 5/5 Judgment $0.51
Toxic Stench Instant 1B Judgment $0.13
Trained Pronghorn Creature - Antelope 1W 1/1 Judgment $0.13
Treacherous Vampire Creature - Vampire 4B 4/4 Judgment $0.20
Treacherous Werewolf Creature - Minion Wolf 2B 2/2 Judgment $0.12
Trostani's Judgment Instant 5W Return to Ravnica $0.15
Tunneler Wurm Creature - Wurm 6GG 6/6 Judgment $0.19
Unquestioned Authority Enchant Creature 2W Judgment $0.41
Valor Creature - Incarnation 3W 2/2 Judgment $0.24
Venomous Vines Sorcery 2GG Judgment $0.13
Vigilant Sentry Creature - Nomad 1WW 2/2 Judgment $0.13
Web of Inertia Enchantment 2U Judgment $0.30
Wonder Creature - Incarnation 3U 2/2 Judgment $1.14
Worldgorger Dragon Creature - Nightmare Dragon 3RRR 7/7 Judgment $1.38
Wormfang Behemoth Creature - Nightmare Beast 3UU 5/5 Judgment $0.37
Wormfang Crab Creature - Nightmare Crab 3U 3/6 Judgment $0.19
Wormfang Drake Creature - Nightmare Drake 2U 3/4 Judgment $0.12
Wormfang Manta Creature - Nightmare Beast 5UU 6/1 Judgment $0.39
Wormfang Newt Creature - Nightmare Beast 1U 2/2 Judgment $0.13
Wormfang Turtle Creature - Nightmare Beast 2U 2/4 Judgment $0.18

Combos for: Day of Judgment
Combo Name: Plague Wind=9 Mana This=7 [Submitted by: Twogunkid]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

And I have found a use for the weakened wrath of God

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Combo Name: Suicidal Thoughts [Submitted by: MegaDuce]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Early game drop a ghostly prison to slow your opponent. Then put down a worship and next a creature. You then use cards like ashes to ashes and moonlight bargain to draw cards and kill creatures while making yourself lose life. You can use Panoptic Mirror on Day of Judgment to have a creature wipe every turn and for two make deathless angel indestructible.
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Combos for: Day of Judgment
Combo Name: Destroy lands of target opponent and all creatures(UW) [Submitted by: Atir]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
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Combo Name: True Johnnies Will Make It Work [Submitted by: Twogunkid]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
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Combo Name: Supreme Defense [Submitted by: Squillis]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Day of Judgment is Supreme Verdict
Oblivion Ring is Rootborn Defense

A fun little combo for limited and maybe even standard if games run long enough, Cast Rootborn defense on your turn, then Supreme Verdict to wipe their side uncounterably.  This idea's been in standard a few times in the past, but I don't think the environment has been aggressive enough to allow you to take advantage of it.  Now that you can play decks with Thragtusks, Restoration Angels, and Armada Wurms, doing a 1 sided wrath will often be a game winning move.

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Combos for: Final Judgment
Combo Name: BOOM! Wait, You have creatures?!? [Submitted by: Twogunkid]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Imprint Final Judgement and Akroma\'s Blessing. During your upkeep grant your creatures protection from white and fire Final Judgement off. You can use wrath of god, but I don\'t like leaving my opponents with graveyards.
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Combo Name: Start it over [Submitted by: Turbine]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Part two of how to get your opponent to punch you in the face.

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