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152 results for: Apocalypse
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Aether Mutation Sorcery 3GU Apocalypse $0.28
Ana Disciple Creature - Wizard G 1/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Ana Sanctuary Enchantment 2G Apocalypse $0.20
Anavolver Creature - Volver 3G 3/3 Apocalypse $0.40
Angelfire Crusader Creature - Soldier 3W 2/3 Apocalypse $0.13
Apocalypse Sorcery 2RRR Tempest $1.88
Apocalypse Chime Artifact 2 Homelands $0.40
Apocalypse Hydra Creature - Hydra XRG 0/0 Conflux $3.27
Battlefield Forge Land Apocalypse $1.86
Bloodfire Colossus Creature - Giant 6RR 6/6 Apocalypse $0.41
Bloodfire Dwarf Creature - Dwarf R 1/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Bloodfire Infusion Enchant Creature 2R Apocalypse $0.13
Bloodfire Kavu Creature - Kavu 2RR 2/2 Apocalypse $0.20
Bog Gnarr Creature - Beast 4G 2/2 Apocalypse $0.13
Brass Herald Artifact Creature 6 Apocalypse $0.24
Captain's Maneuver Instant XRW Apocalypse $0.19
Caves of Koilos Land Apocalypse $2.13
Ceta Disciple Creature - Wizard U 1/1 Apocalypse $0.14
Ceta Sanctuary Enchantment 2U Apocalypse $0.20
Cetavolver Creature - Volver 1U 1/1 Apocalypse $0.38
Coalition Flag Enchant Creature W Apocalypse $0.19
Coalition Honor Guard Creature - Flagbearer 3W 2/4 Apocalypse $0.13
Coastal Drake Creature - Drake 2U 2/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Consume Strength Instant 1BG Apocalypse $0.13
Cromat Creature - Legend WUBRG 5/5 Apocalypse $1.04
Dead Ringers Sorcery 4B Apocalypse $0.13
Death Grasp Sorcery XWB Apocalypse $1.18
Death Mutation Sorcery 6BG Apocalypse $0.19
Dega Disciple Creature - Wizard W 1/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Dega Sanctuary Enchantment 2W Apocalypse $0.21
Degavolver Creature - Volver 1W 1/1 Apocalypse $0.39
Desolation Angel Creature - Angel 3BB 5/4 Apocalypse $1.82
Desolation Giant Creature - Giant 2RR 3/3 Apocalypse $0.42
Diversionary Tactics Enchantment 3W Apocalypse $0.20
Divine Light Sorcery W Apocalypse $0.13
Dodecapod Artifact Creature 4 Apocalypse $0.23
Dragon Arch Artifact 5 Apocalypse $2.34
Dwarven Landslide Sorcery 3R Apocalypse $0.13
Dwarven Patrol Creature - Dwarf 2R 4/2 Apocalypse $0.19
Ebony Treefolk Creature - Treefolk 1BG 3/3 Apocalypse $0.22
Emblazoned Golem Artifact Creature 2 Apocalypse $0.20
Enlistment Officer Creature - Soldier 3W 2/3 Apocalypse $0.31
Evasive Action Instant 1U Apocalypse $0.19
False Dawn Sorcery 1W Apocalypse $0.38
Fervent Charge Enchantment 1WBR Apocalypse $0.37
Fire/Ice (Fire) Instant 1R Apocalypse $1.88
Fire/Ice (Ice) Instant 1U Apocalypse $5.31
Flowstone Charger Creature - Beast 2RW 2/5 Apocalypse $0.19
Foul Presence Enchant Creature 2B Apocalypse $0.18
Fungal Shambler Creature - Beast 4GUB 6/4 Apocalypse $0.39
Gaea's Balance Sorcery 3G Apocalypse $0.20
Gaea's Skyfolk Creature - Elf Legend GU 2/2 Apocalypse $0.15
Gerrard Capashen Creature - Legend 3WW 3/4 Apocalypse $0.54
Gerrard's Verdict Sorcery WB Apocalypse $0.54
Glade Gnarr Creature - Beast 5G 4/4 Apocalypse $0.13
Goblin Legionnaire Creature - Goblin Soldier RW 2/2 Apocalypse $0.16
Goblin Ringleader Creature - Goblin 3R 2/2 Apocalypse $2.28
Goblin Trenches Enchantment 1RW Apocalypse $0.39
Grave Defiler Creature - Zombie 3B 2/1 Apocalypse $0.32
Guided Passage Sorcery URG Apocalypse $0.50
Haunted Angel Creature - Angel 2W 3/3 Apocalypse $0.22
Helionaut Creature - Soldier 2W 1/2 Apocalypse $0.13
Ice Cave Enchantment 3UU Apocalypse $0.41
Illuminate Sorcery XR Apocalypse $0.19
Illusion/Reality (Illusion) Instant U Apocalypse $0.15
Illusion/Reality (Reality) Instant 2G Apocalypse $3.52
Index Sorcery U Apocalypse $0.13
Jaded Response Instant 1U Apocalypse $0.13
Jilt Instant 1U Apocalypse $0.13
Jungle Barrier Creature - Wall 2GU 2/6 Apocalypse $0.21
Kavu Glider Creature - Kavu 2R 2/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Kavu Howler Creature - Kavu 4GG 4/5 Apocalypse $0.19
Kavu Mauler Creature - Kavu 4GG 4/4 Apocalypse $0.41
Last Caress Sorcery 2B Apocalypse $0.13
Last Stand Sorcery WUBRG Apocalypse $0.50
Lay of the Land Sorcery G Apocalypse $0.14
Legacy Weapon Legendary Artifact 7 Apocalypse $0.84
Life/Death (Death) Sorcery 1B Apocalypse $0.50
Life/Death (Life) Sorcery G Apocalypse $0.48
Lightning Angel Creature - Angel 1RWU 3/4 Apocalypse $1.01
Living Airship Creature - Ship 3U 2/3 Apocalypse $0.13
Llanowar Dead Creature - Zombie Elf BG 2/2 Apocalypse $0.17
Llanowar Wastes Land Apocalypse $2.06
Manacles of Decay Enchant Creature 1W Apocalypse $0.13
Martyrs' Tomb Enchantment 2WB Apocalypse $0.19
Mask of Intolerance Artifact 2 Apocalypse $0.39
Mind Extraction Sorcery 2B Apocalypse $0.13
Minotaur Illusionist Creature - Minotaur 3UR 3/4 Apocalypse $0.18
Minotaur Tactician Creature - Minotaur 3R 1/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Mournful Zombie Creature - Zombie 2B 2/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Mystic Snake Creature - Snake 1GUU 2/2 Apocalypse $1.62
Necra Disciple Creature - Wizard B 1/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Necra Sanctuary Enchantment 2B Apocalypse $0.20
Necravolver Creature - Volver 2B 2/2 Apocalypse $0.41
Night/Day (Day) Instant 2W Apocalypse $0.16
Night/Day (Night) Instant B Apocalypse $0.40
Order/Chaos (Chaos) Instant 2R Apocalypse $0.18
Order/Chaos (Order) Instant 3W Apocalypse $0.36
Orim's Thunder Instant 2W Apocalypse $0.15
Overgrown Estate Enchantment BGW Apocalypse $0.40
Penumbra Bobcat Creature - Cat 2G 2/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Penumbra Kavu Creature - Kavu 4G 3/3 Apocalypse $0.18
Penumbra Wurm Creature - Wurm 5GG 6/6 Apocalypse $0.79
Pernicious Deed Enchantment 1BG Apocalypse $17.08
Phyrexian Arena Enchantment 1BB Apocalypse $3.59
Phyrexian Gargantua Creature - Horror 4BB 4/4 Apocalypse $0.20
Phyrexian Rager Creature - Horror 2B 2/2 Apocalypse $0.14
Planar Despair Sorcery 3BB Apocalypse $0.38
Powerstone Minefield Enchantment 2RW Apocalypse $0.38
Prophetic Bolt Instant 3UR Apocalypse $0.80
Putrid Warrior Creature - Soldier Zombie WB 2/2 Apocalypse $0.12
Quagmire Druid Creature - Zombie Druid 2B 2/2 Apocalypse $0.13
Quicksilver Dagger Enchant Creature 1UR Apocalypse $0.18
Raka Disciple Creature - Wizard R 1/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Raka Sanctuary Enchantment 2R Apocalypse $0.18
Rakavolver Creature - Volver 2R 2/2 Apocalypse $0.39
Razorfin Hunter Creature - Merfolk UR 1/1 Apocalypse $0.17
Reef Shaman Creature - Merfolk U 0/2 Apocalypse $0.14
Savage Gorilla Creature - Ape 4G 3/3 Apocalypse $0.12
Shield of Duty and Reason Enchant Creature W Apocalypse $0.13
Shimmering Mirage Instant 1U Apocalypse $0.13
Shivan Reef Land Apocalypse $4.22
Smash Instant 2R Apocalypse $0.13
Soul Link Enchant Creature 1WB Apocalypse $0.19
Spectral Lynx Creature - Cat 1W 2/1 Apocalypse $0.77
Spiritmonger Creature - Beast 3BG 6/6 Apocalypse $4.25
Squee's Embrace Enchant Creature RW Apocalypse $0.16
Squee's Revenge Sorcery 1UR Apocalypse $0.19
Standard Bearer Creature - Flagbearer 1W 1/1 Apocalypse $0.13
Strength of Night Instant 2G Apocalypse $0.12
Suffocating Blast Instant 1UUR Apocalypse $0.55
Suppress Sorcery 2B Apocalypse $0.19
Sylvan Messenger Creature - Elf 3G 2/2 Apocalypse $1.05
Symbiotic Deployment Enchantment 2G Apocalypse $0.35
Tahngarth's Glare Sorcery R Apocalypse $0.13
Temporal Spring Sorcery 1GU Apocalypse $0.14
Tidal Courier Creature - Merfolk 3U 1/2 Apocalypse $0.21
Tranquil Path Sorcery 4G Apocalypse $0.13
Tundra Kavu Creature - Kavu 2R 2/2 Apocalypse $0.13
Unnatural Selection Enchantment 1U Apocalypse $0.62
Urborg Elf Creature - Elf 1G 1/1 Apocalypse $0.19
Urborg Uprising Sorcery 4B Apocalypse $0.12
Vindicate Sorcery 1WB Apocalypse $27.07
Vodalian Mystic Creature - Merfolk 1U 1/1 Apocalypse $0.19
Whirlpool Drake Creature - Drake 3U 2/2 Apocalypse $0.19
Whirlpool Rider Creature - Merfolk 1U 1/1 Apocalypse $0.12
Whirlpool Warrior Creature - Merfolk 2U 2/2 Apocalypse $0.38
Wild Research Enchantment 2R Apocalypse $0.47
Yavimaya Coast Land Apocalypse $2.48
Yavimaya's Embrace Enchant Creature 5GUU Apocalypse $0.41
Zombie Apocalypse Sorcery 3BBB Dark Ascension $0.52
Zombie Boa Creature - Zombie Snake 4B 3/3 Apocalypse $0.13

Combos for: Apocalypse
Combo Name: End [Submitted by: B10h4z4rd]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Play Seething song to play Apocalypse. GO
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Combo Name: Apocalyptic Glory [Submitted by: Zark-the-Damned]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Drop Jhoria first, and suspend Apocalypse.

Next, play Barren Glory, then Oblivion Ring, choosing to Exile your own Barren Glory.

Then, use Timebugs and Clockspinning to remove Time Counters from Apocalypse in your opponent's end of turn step.

When the last time counter leaves Apocalypse, it resolves, exiling all permanents and returning Barren Glory to play.

Unless your opponent can somehow get rid of Barren Glory before your turn, you win at the beginning of your next upkeep!

(Alternately you can skip the Suspend stuff and use acceleration to cast Apocalypse in your own turn, but this gives your opponent a turn to recover)
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Combo Name: stalemate or win [Submitted by: Draco_lich]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
first off, this combo is near impossible to pull off... and needs more cards than i was able to list in the picture area

to this... for a true draw condition...

first platinum angel and Abyssal Persecutor

then worldgorger and obliterate on one turn, then, another decree on the next, use ornithopter and

altar of dementia with martials anthem , ornithoptor and enduring renewal in play to mill the entire library of you and opponent, ornithopter, enduring renewal and phyrexian altar for infinite mana of any color or combination
use vindicate to get rid of planeswalkers
cauldron of souls on the worldgorger, platinum angel and abyssal persecuter, use akromas vengeance, then go with it... should be able to make it so no one has a possibility of winning if you play things right (sacfirice the angel and demon when about to remove everything from the game the last time with apocalypse, once there is nothing in the grave and no library if you choose to do it that way
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Combo Name: SUPER PLAGUE WIND [Submitted by: Twogunkid]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Wipe the board and your permanents live.

And Actually in spell cost its one CMC less than plague wind

[Edited by Twogunkid on 17/Aug/10 at 9:14PM]
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Combo Name: remove ALL of the cards you have from the game [Submitted by: xvmileycyrus]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
have lions eye out, feldons cane and orrery, play apocalypse then in response tap all lands for mana and play leveler and in response to that sac lions eye and use feldons cane then your whole library is removed along with all your permanents, But you are still left with apocalypse, and trust me any way you put it, it is still there, However, if you play nihil spell bomb earlier before you discarded your hand and played karns touch to make it a creature and liberate it it will come back at end of turn which then you can sac it and remove it and apocalypse from the game. I looked and no there is no creatures that have spell bomb ability, and there is nothing that will flicker something out unless its a creature, FLICKER the card will do it but it instantly brings the card back which if you did that it would get removed so you need to do everything in this specific order.... In play: diamond, cane, orrery, spell bomb. Cast: apocaylpse, leveler, karns touch and liberate on spell bomb, lions eye diamond, feldons cane ability. you now have all cards but apocalypse removed. Nihil comes back, sac remove it and apocalypse. There you go, not a single card on your side of the field.

Your probably wondering why lions eye when apocalypse discards your hand anyway. This is because you need to discard your hand before apocalypse resolves.
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Combo Name: exile everything except yours [Submitted by: Draco_lich]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
gain 11 mana play Worldgorger Dragon (removes all your stuff from the game until it leaves play), then Apocalypse to exile all permanents (including worldgorger) and get all your permanents back (and hope they dont have a counterspell)
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Combo Name: It\'s gone...all gone... [Submitted by: Kethiju]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Cast Barren Glory then O-ring it. Cast Apocolypse for the win. >:)
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Combo Name: Legion\'s Initiative [Submitted by: knarf_the_dwarf]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Mountain = Worldfire, Plains = Legion's initiative
Have the Initiative in play and activate it during your 1st main phase. Cast Worldfire OR Apocalypse, step to your combat phase. The Bliss is just for saving your hand in case of Apocalypse.

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Combos for: Apocalypse Hydra
Combo Name: heheh nice 2 card combo? [Submitted by: wickedjester]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
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Combo Name: 3 +1/+1 counters every turn [Submitted by: Turbine]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Power Conduit with Protean Hydra.

Move the counters to the other Hydra for more fun

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Combo Name: apocalyptic growth [Submitted by: theotherguy]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
I confess,  this is just an expansion of another combo on this site, but I recently saw it with the Mayael's aria twist and liked it. Let the record show that I admit to unoriginality. (is that a word?)
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Combo Name: solar flare [Submitted by: Chewy]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
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Combos for: Zombie Apocalypse
Combo Name: kill em all, and be sure to recycle [Submitted by: hunter_raine]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
ok, sack all critters, and bring back your zombies, then use the ranks every turn. used late game this should give you a win. it did me against three people at once
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Combo Name: destroy all humans! [Submitted by: reaper]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Play zombie apocalypse then as an instant play shields of velis vel targeting opponents creatures they are now all humans and they are also dead.
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