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Combo Name: Death by Draw and Discard Submitted By: Shadowmac
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Cephalid Broker
Creature - Cephalid 3U 2/2 Odyssey, Uncommon

Wheel and Deal
Instant 3U Onslaught, Rare

Artifact 4 Fifth Dawn, Uncommon

Lore Broker
Creature - Human Rogue 1U 1/1 Ravnica: City of Guilds, Uncommon

Barbed Shocker
Creature - Insect 3R 2/2 Time Spiral, Uncommon

Wheel of Fate
Sorcery Time Spiral, Rare

Abyssal Specter
Summon Specter 2BB 2/3 5th Edition, Uncommon

Teferi's Puzzle Box
Artifact 4 Visions, Rare

Enchantment 2B Stronghold, Uncommon

Underworld Dreams
Enchantment BBB 8th Edition, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $6.33
Date Posted: Wed Mar/25/09 at 8:38 pm

Posts: 6
Joined: 23-Mar-09

This can be a difficult combo to set up and may leave you vulnerable to attack so make sure that you buff your deck with some descent blockers. As soon as you can get Underworld Dreams out so that your opponent begins to take damage. If you are holding a Megrim and a Wheel of Fate, go ahead and play the Wheel of Fate to get the time counters to start coming off of it. Play Megrim next as well as one of your draw/discard creatures such as the Cephalid Broker or Lore Broker or your force discard/draw creatures such as Barbed Shocker or Abyssal Specter (there are many other Specter creatures that will work as well). Once you start manipulating the number of cards your opponent has in their hand Skullcage is a fun way to make them take 2 damage every upkeep. They wont know wether to keep 3 to 4 cards in their hand to avoid Skullcage or to play their hand to avoid Megrim. Then to really own them play Wheel and Deal to force then to discard their hand and Draw 7 more cards.(this card works in multiplayer matches as well) If you stack the Underworld Dreams and Megrim this works best. Another chaotic way I like to play is with Teferi's Puzzle box because they have to draw their card for the turn during their draw step and then put those cards at the bottom of their library and draw that many more cards taking damage for every card they draw. And if you happen to have Teferi's Puzzle box out when Wheel of Fate pops then it is oh so much more fun!!!
Date Posted: Wed Mar/25/09 at 8:45pm

Posts: 6
Joined: 23-Mar-09

I usually like to pop the Wheel and Deal right before I can successfully attack with Barbed Shocker. Even if they only have one card in their hand to start with, if you have even 1 Megrim and 1 Underworld Dreams, they will be taking a total of 32 damage!!! Friggin Sick!!!
Date Posted: Mon Feb/22/10 at 10:21pm

Posts: 389
Joined: 22-Feb-10

Sounds like fun if you have the land to support this kind of deck. Megrim/Dreams decks can be effective as black/blue or black/red if 3 colors is too difficult.
Date Posted: Fri Sep/18/15 at 1:23am

Posts: 79
Joined: 23-Dec-11

I think this is an old combo, but I came upon it while searching for a way to improve my black/red draw-burn-discard deck. Remove Underworld Dreams and replace Spiteful Visions. This will give the extra draw for that extra burn affect.

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