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Combo Name: Krenko's Revenge Submitted By: ComboBreaker27
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Altar of Dementia
Artifact 2 Tempest, Rare

Thornbite Staff
Tribal Artifact - Shaman Equipment 2 Morningtide, Uncommon

Krenko, Mob Boss
Legendary Creature - Goblin Warrior 2RR 3 / 3 Magic 2013, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $6.68
Date Posted: Tue Feb/04/20 at 6:02 pm

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Joined: 04-Feb-20

Ever wonder how to mill in red? Look no further, folks! Place thornbite staff on a tap-able krenko with altar of dementia out, and you'll be milling in no time!

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