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Combo Name: explain to me Submitted By: herzog
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Land Urza's Saga, Common

Land Urza's Saga, Common
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Date Posted: Mon Apr/22/19 at 12:53 pm

Posts: 4
Joined: 23-May-11

Have a flamerush rider out and najeela, the blade blossom. Attack with the rider.
Now due to the wording I need some clarification.
Both have when attacking wording.
So do I put a warrior token into play then copy it? If I do that does najeelas ability trigger again making a third token?
Or do I only get one token from the rider attacking?
Date Posted: Wed May/01/19 at 7:39am

Posts: 1553
Joined: 02-Nov-11

Najeela gives you a 1/1 token.
Flamerider gives you a copy token.
Nothing more.

Both cards have triggers that occur on declaration of attacking, meaning they were not attacking before but still existed in a non attacking state prior to said trigger.
The tokens created have never known existence outside of attacking, hence would not trigger either card.

To make it simple: Flamerider does not insta-win you the game.
You cannot use the copy to copy Flamerider to copy flamerider to copy flamerider times infinity because the trigger checks from the change from "not attacking" to "attacking".

A little delayed in answering, but I hope this helps.

[Edited by Boyachi on 1/May/19 at 7:42AM]

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