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Combo Name: Are u sure about attacking? Submitted By: Punyragequitter
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Enchant Creature 2W Urza's Saga, Rare

Stuffy Doll
Artifact Creature - Construct 5 0 / 1 Time Spiral, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $4.10
Date Posted: Thu Apr/04/19 at 3:05 pm

Posts: 2
Joined: 04-Apr-19

So, first off you’ll want to have stuffy doll on the battlefield. Next you’ll want to play pariah enchanting stuffy doll. This makes it to where any damage done to you is dealt to the chosen opponent instead. Pariah makes it to where any damage dealt to you is dealt to target creature instead and since stuffy doll already has natural indestructible, he doesn’t die. Also damage dealt to stuffy doll is dealt to chosen opponent also. Hope you enjoyed. Ps it’ll be more fun to flash in pariah with vedalken orrery.
Date Posted: Wed Apr/17/19 at 6:39pm

Posts: 1
Joined: 02-Apr-19

Guilty conscience on it kills the person you chose with 1 damage
Date Posted: Fri May/03/19 at 1:24pm

Posts: 1081
Joined: 04-Apr-11

Guilty Conscious would only do 2 damage because at first the doll deals the damage and then the enchantment deals the damage, so it wouldn't repeat.

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