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Combo Name: double-doubling counters!..? Submitted By: MorbidAnimosity
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Artifact Creature 7 0/0 Fifth Dawn, Rare

Experiment Kraj
Legendary Creature - Ooze Mutant 2GGUU 4/6 Dissension, Rare

Gilder Bairn
Creature - Ouphe 1(G/U)(G/U) 1/3 Eventide, Uncommon

Strength of the Tajuru
Instant XGG Worldwake, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $3.24
Date Posted: Sun Apr/25/10 at 7:36 pm

Posts: 557
Joined: 18-Apr-10

get out solarion, experiment kraj, and gilder bairn.
put a +1/+1 counter on gilder bairn.

use strength of the tajuru to put alotta +1/+1 counters on everything,
double the counters on solarion and experiment kraj by tapping them,
use the ability with experiment kraj and gilder bairn to untap them to double the counters AGAIN
tap them again to double it AGAIN,
then if you can, untap them AGAIN,
and keep doing this as much as u can...

NOTE: you need something to tap gilder bairn...
Date Posted: Sun Apr/25/10 at 8:23pm

Posts: 880
Joined: 30-Jul-09

Paradise Mantle! ftw! lol
Date Posted: Sun Apr/25/10 at 10:41pm

Posts: 5710
Joined: 08-Sep-09

Or Multani's Harmony or Utopia's Vow for the win! LOL
Date Posted: Sun Jun/19/11 at 12:28pm

T}{3 0l\l3 VV}{0 1S
Posts: 178
Joined: 10-Jun-11

no, when you tap kraj, you double the counters on solarion, not kraj.
Date Posted: Sun Jun/19/11 at 9:48pm

Posts: 2788
Joined: 13-Oct-09

no you double them on krag since he is the one tapping activiting the ability,
Date Posted: Mon Jun/20/11 at 2:37am

Posts: 5710
Joined: 08-Sep-09

it's like Tap: Double the +1/+1 counter on itself...
Date Posted: Mon Jun/20/11 at 6:52am

lin sivvi
Posts: 1608
Joined: 14-Jan-10

But to use proper pronoun they changed the itself to the name of the card.

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