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Combo Name: Green mana ramp with islands Submitted By: Boyachi
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Carpet of Flowers
Enchantment G Urza's Saga, Uncommon

Quicksilver Fountain
Artifact 3 Mirrodin, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $1.24
Date Posted: Thu Mar/08/18 at 3:37 pm

Posts: 1553
Joined: 02-Nov-11

Quicksilver Fountain is not the most dangerous card but it can be highly annoying to people running multiple nonblue colors or even just if it is out for too long.
The issue is of course that typically you would only run it in a mostly blue deck.
This is where Carpet of Flowers comes in to the conversation: during your main phase you essentially get all the green mana (you are picking green, right?) you want from the opponent's forced islands.
This combo can be set up very early to cause issue for your opponent(s) while you continue to move seamlessly from early to midgame, possibly even late game before Quicksilver Fountain resets itself.

Yes, technically it is synergy, but it isn't every day you consider running Q. Fountain in a monogreen deck...until now!
Date Posted: Wed Nov/21/18 at 10:41am

Posts: 1
Joined: 21-Nov-18

You could also use a Trace of Abundance to stop the reset from ever happening.

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