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Combo Name: Woeus Pemin Submitted By: Kethivumn
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Pemmin's Aura
Enchant Creature 1UU Scourge, Uncommon

Avatar of Woe
Creature - Avatar 6BB 6 / 5 Prophecy, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $3.79
Date Posted: Sat Jun/17/17 at 9:58 pm

Posts: 1
Joined: 17-Jun-17

1. put pemmin on woe
2. tap - destroy
3. blue - untap
repeat step 2 & 3 till no defense
4. give woe +4/-4 and hit opponent for 10 damage
pemmin can also give flying or prevent from being targeted so added in defense.

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