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Combo Name: Big creatures for minimal mana Submitted By: Mike_D
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Summoner's Egg
Artifact Creature 4 0/4 Fifth Dawn, Rare

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Legendary Creature - Goblin Shaman 2RRR 2/2 Champions of Kamigawa, Rare

Myojin of Life's Web
Legendary Creature - Spirit 6GGG 8/8 Champions of Kamigawa, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $16.71
Date Posted: Thu Apr/22/10 at 8:04 pm

Posts: 101
Joined: 22-Apr-10

Play Summoner's egg. IMPRINT a card if you wish (I reccomend you don't.) Next turn play kiki-jiki, mirror breaker and tap to make a replication of the Summoner's Egg. Imprint whatever creature you may find neccessary but I personally prefer Myojin of Life's Web. At end of turn, Summoner's egg token leaves play and Myojin of Life's Web enters play. Then, whenever you decide to use Myojin's ability (preferably at end of opponents turn), remove the divinity counter and release an onslaught of big ass creatures who don't have summoning sickness!!! Godsire is fun since you can replicate it with kiki jiki and then attack and create 8/8 tokens but the options are limitless.
Date Posted: Thu Apr/22/10 at 9:20pm

Posts: 5710
Joined: 08-Sep-09

Actually the Myojin won't work because Myojin coming into play from summoner's egg won't produce a divinity counter so you can't put down creatures from your hand with Myojin...

I prefer Triskelion or any other non-Legendary creature with comes into play or put into your graveyard abilities... I like Eternal Witness...
Date Posted: Thu Apr/22/10 at 10:15pm

Posts: 101
Joined: 22-Apr-10

Nice call. I missed that. well the kiki jiki and the summoners egg is still a decent combo. throw in an elvish piper and you got yourself some cheap giant creatures.
Date Posted: Thu Apr/22/10 at 10:30pm

lin sivvi
Posts: 1608
Joined: 14-Jan-10

Of course you do realize that elvish piper is cheaper that kikki-jekki (how ever the hell you spell his name)
Date Posted: Fri Apr/23/10 at 6:42pm

Posts: 101
Joined: 22-Apr-10

Of course! I might be relatively new to magic AND this site but I am aware of alot of cards. I play with some really good players and I usually get my ass kicked. although I am a noob, I am not noobish.

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