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Combo Name: infinite sliver mana, plus all slivers from deck into play with haste Submitted By: Draco_lich
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Sliver Queen
Summon Legend WUBRG 7/7 Stronghold, Rare

Sliver Overlord
Creature - Sliver Mutant Legend WUBRG 7/7 Scourge, Rare

Gemhide Sliver
Creature - Sliver 1G 1/1 Time Spiral, Common

Ashnod's Altar
Poly Artifact 3 Antiquities, Uncommon

Heart Sliver
Summon Sliver 1R 1/1 Tempest, Common

Training Grounds
Enchantment U Rise of the Eldrazi, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $36.60
Date Posted: Tue Jul/29/14 at 9:09 pm

Posts: 1073
Joined: 07-May-10

tough to get them on the board, but is a game winner when it is... usually

tap any sliver to make 1 mana (any color) to make a sliver token (only costs 1 mana becauseof training grounds)

tap sliver token for mana, then sacrifice to altar

use colorless mana to search for slivers with overlord (1 mana per as per training grounds), use colored mana to make tokens

then simply build mana once you have enough cards in hand to play... cast them all...

use faces of the past for optional untap for all slivers each time you sacrifice a sliver)

recommend using crystalline sliver to give shroud
Date Posted: Wed Jul/30/14 at 2:58am

Posts: 1370
Joined: 30-Nov-11

You really don't need Training Grounds. The Overlord also works fine with coloured mana!-D
Date Posted: Wed Jul/30/14 at 4:40am

Posts: 636
Joined: 24-Mar-13

The training grounds reduces the activation of the overlord AND queen to a single mana. With this setup, almost every sliver put onto the field gets tapped for mana to continue the work.

Drop the Altar and Training Grounds for Mana Echoes though, and its job done. Even just 1 sliver token from the queen can push into infinite mana.
Date Posted: Wed Jul/30/14 at 6:07am

Posts: 1370
Joined: 30-Nov-11

The Altar and the Queen is an infinite combo for etb triggers.
In combination with the mana and haste slivers you also have infinite coloured mana.
With this mana you can activate the overlord and the queen infinite times to produce infinite tokens (which may attack or produce mana and stay on the battlefield) and cast all slivers from your library.
Therefore I see no benefit in adding mana echoes. The only advantage is that Queen/Echoes is an additional standalone combo itself which fits in this deck.
Date Posted: Wed Jul/30/14 at 4:20pm

Posts: 8
Joined: 30-Jul-14

Huh, never thought of Training Grounds or Ashnod's Altar before. I always just thought of plopping down a Parallel Lives or Doubling Season to double the tokens produced by the Queen and just tapping those to make more dudes.
Date Posted: Sat Aug/02/14 at 10:29pm

Posts: 1073
Joined: 07-May-10

i wonder how long it will take for wizards to make a 5 color planeswalker... maybe urza or mishra

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