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Combo Name: Godsend Standard Combo Submitted By: Chewy
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Golgari Decoy
Creature - Elf Rogue 3G 2 / 2 Return to Ravnica, Uncommon

Gift of Immortality
Enchantment - Aura 2W Theros, Rare

Land Urza's Saga, Common
Estimated Combo Cost: $0.90
Date Posted: Wed Apr/09/14 at 11:55 pm

Posts: 841
Joined: 18-Jan-13

Plains is Godsend from Journey into Nyx. Any creature that blocks will be exiled and will no longer be able to be cast from hand. The gift just keeps the combo going, and the only ways to bypass it are exiling the creature or destroying the enchantment allowing immortality first
Date Posted: Thu Apr/10/14 at 12:26am

Posts: 1144
Joined: 24-May-10

If I'm reading Godsend correctly, he banishes one creature per block step, not all creatures he blocked....
Date Posted: Thu Apr/10/14 at 2:14am

Posts: 636
Joined: 24-Mar-13

Yep, one exile per combat, essentially.
Date Posted: Thu Apr/10/14 at 10:55am

Posts: 841
Joined: 18-Jan-13

Well dang. Still decent synergy at least

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