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Title: Plague Inc: Evolved
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Date Posted: Sat Feb/22/14 at 2:12pm

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Chewy, DyingJester

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So, if some of you remember when I wrote a review for Plague Inc. for Android, this is by the same creator Ndemic Games. Built from the ground up for PC. The idea is again to infect the world with your plague and then kill everyone. Yes, I know...disturbing game to play, but there is strategy involved with your genocide. There are a lot of different ways to play this game. Sneaky and quite, then BOOM! Everyone dies quickly. Aggressive and loud and any variation of the 2. Personally, I prefer using the Prion for 1 reason. It is VERY difficult to detect, treat and cure. (IRL, prions are 100% fatal and cannot be cured. No known survivors of a prion disease) For you zombie people out there, yes, there is a zombie virus. For people who want a living, but slave population, there is a disease for that too. Every single disease in the game to some form or another exists in reality. Necroa Virus (Zombies) is the Rabies Virus. Nerax Worm (enslaves the world) is Toxoplasma Gandii which is a VERY real parasite that you can get from your cat. Bio-weapons, Nano Viruses, Bacterium, Viruses, Fungal Infections are all very real and can actually kill you. So, if you have a psychotic streak and wonder what it would be like to eradicate humanity, give either incarnation of Plague Inc. a try. For Evolved, just log into Steam, and have a grand old time.

Please note: To use the accelerated time feature on the mobile game (iOS/Android), you have to purchase something for the game. Doesn't matter what, just something. Doesn't make a difference for casual or really normal difficulty, but brutal will take a long time without time acceleration.
Date Posted: Tue Feb/25/14 at 8:50pm

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Just had to stop by and offer my thanks to you, Mr. Kefka...this game is simply delightful...and very much the addiction...I have been playing since I read your post a few days ago...simply delightful...the descriptions could do with a few more...graphic details...but the satisfaction of a genocide well done is definitely there...
Date Posted: Thu Feb/27/14 at 1:03am

Posts: 535
Joined: 30-Oct-12

Glad you like it Jester. If you want to take global murder on the go, get it for your mobile doohickey and have at it.

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