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Combo Name: mono black infinite mana Submitted By: Draco_lich
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Carnival of Souls
Enchantment 1B Urza's Destiny, Rare

Phyrexian Altar
Artifact 3 Invasion, Rare

Demon's Horn
Artifact 2 Darksteel, Uncommon

Creature - Zombie B 2/1 Dark Ascension, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $14.95
Date Posted: Tue Feb/19/13 at 12:17 am

Posts: 1073
Joined: 07-May-10

first off, thanks to Boyachi for (possibly inadvertently) giving me the idea for this one

- 2nd horn for infinite life

of course, you need 1 more zombie out... but not like its hard to have another zombie out (they seem to come in swarms)

have all in play, sac gravecrawler for 1 black mana, play from grave for 1 black, get 1 more black mana (while the critter is in play)

rinse and repeat

i smell the beginning of a black powerful combo deck here...

can get gravecrawler from library easy enough... use entomb or buried alive for example
Date Posted: Tue Feb/19/13 at 4:23am

Posts: 293
Joined: 13-Jan-13

In a deck full of 1-drop zombies I think would work great! Just add in a few cards that will be mana sinks (of any color) and you'll be all set! I'd prefer instants but Exsanguinate is practically required.
Date Posted: Tue Feb/19/13 at 9:33am

Posts: 841
Joined: 18-Jan-13

Boyachi had a good idea, but this one is a much better version of it. Could be very useful to cast things early game such as army of the damned or something lol. Of course there are better cards, but you could play the flashback the same turn to raise concerns in your opponents lol. Something else to add against graveyard hate would be Isochron Scepter, imprinting Entomb, and having an eldrazi legend in the deck. If red were involved in some way, dual casting would leave the opponent helpless when triggered.

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