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Combo Name: Multiple (Insert Good 5 mana or Less Creatures) Submitted By: Twogunkid
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Congregation at Dawn
Instant GGW Ravnica: City of Guilds, Uncommon

Stampeding Wildebeests
Summon Wildebeests 2GG 5/4 Visions, Uncommon

Enlisted Wurm
Creature - Wurm 4GW 5 / 5 Alara Reborn, Uncommon
Estimated Combo Cost: $0.61
Date Posted: Tue Apr/06/10 at 8:15 pm

Posts: 2599
Joined: 22-Jan-10

Play Congregation at Dawn to find wildebeests during your upkeep return the wurm and play the combo over and over again origonally used sylvan tutor but for some reason portal is not on the site so congregation wildebeests and two other drw number two play number three with the wurm

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