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Combo Name: More Parallax Nonsense Submitted By: TheCaptain
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Parallax Tide
Enchantment 2UU Nemesis, Rare

Vedalken Mastermind
Creature - Human Wizard UU 1/2 Fifth Dawn, Uncommon
Estimated Combo Cost: $1.20
Date Posted: Mon Oct/29/12 at 9:49 pm

Posts: 909
Joined: 13-Apr-11

There's been other Parallax combos, usually with a sac or destruction outlet, this is just so you can do it every turn.

Essentially you're getting 2UUU: Exile 5 target lands permanently. And you can do it each of your turns, though I can't see needing to use it more than once.
Date Posted: Mon Oct/29/12 at 11:43pm

Posts: 220
Joined: 14-Dec-11

Damn Son, you got a solid combo.
Date Posted: Mon Oct/29/12 at 11:53pm

Posts: 845
Joined: 13-Jul-09

But uh, when it goes back to your hand, the lands come back...

Am I reading it wrong?

[Edited by scottymandingo on 29/Oct/12 at 11:53PM]
Date Posted: Tue Oct/30/12 at 1:49am

Narcinek War-Rider
Posts: 1283
Joined: 16-Jun-11

Scotty's right. The lands come back since it's leaving play.
Date Posted: Tue Oct/30/12 at 2:10am

Posts: 1370
Joined: 30-Nov-11

I assume that first the counters are removed and the land exiling ability ip put on the stack, then, before resolution the ability of the mastermind is activated and put on the stack.
During resolution the leaves play of paralax triggers bringing back none lands since none has been exiled yet. Then the 5 paralax exile effects resolve exiling the lands permanantly.

good combo.
Date Posted: Tue Oct/30/12 at 11:30am

Posts: 909
Joined: 13-Apr-11

I had assumed that people would realize that this is a manipulation of the stack, but it's my fault for not explaining that. Here's what's happening for those a little confused:

1) With Mastermind in play, cast Parallax Tide. It enters with 5 Fade counters on it.
2) Remove all 5 Fade Counters, activating the ability to exile lands, targeting your opponent's lands.
3) BEFORE ANY OF THOSE ACTIVATIONS RESOLVE, use Mastermind to return the Tide to your hand.
4) The Tide then triggers its second ability, "return to the battlefield all cards exiled with Tide"
5) Since none of the exiling activated abilities have resolved yet, when the triggered "return" ability resolves, it can't find any card that it exiled, and doesn't do anything.
6) Finally, your 5 "Exile Target Land" abilities resolve, allowing you to exile those lands. And since Tide is already off the battlefield, there's no way those lands can be returned from exile, thus leaving them permanently exiled.
Date Posted: Tue Oct/30/12 at 2:36pm

Posts: 329
Joined: 21-Jun-11

Gotta love mono-blue land destruction.

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