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Combo Name: It\'s gone...all gone... Submitted By: Kethiju
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Barren Glory
Enchantment 4WW Future Sight, Rare

Sorcery 2RRR Tempest, Rare

Oblivion Ring
Enchantment 2W Lorwyn, Common
Estimated Combo Cost: $3.34
Date Posted: Fri Aug/03/12 at 4:09 am

Posts: 225
Joined: 24-Jul-12

Cast Barren Glory then O-ring it. Cast Apocolypse for the win. >:)
Date Posted: Fri Aug/03/12 at 9:34am

Posts: 1553
Joined: 02-Nov-11

Hooray for Apocalypse being a win condition and not just a "screw-over-everyone-especially-yourself" button!
Date Posted: Fri Aug/03/12 at 9:56am

Posts: 329
Joined: 21-Jun-11

I'm half tempted to make a deck that uses either Apocalypse or Worldfire in conjunction with Oblivion Ring, Keldon Marauders, Barren Glory and Near Death Experience.

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