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Combo Name: haunting hedron crab Submitted By: milltester2010
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Dimir Aqueduct
Land Ravnica: City of Guilds, Common

Instant UU Mercadian Masques, Common

Sorcery 3UU Odyssey, Rare

Isochron Scepter
Artifact 2 Mirrodin, Uncommon

Drowner Initiate
Creature - Merfolk Wizard U 1/1 Shadowmoor, Common

Mind Funeral
Sorcery 1UB Alara Reborn, Uncommon

Archive Trap
Instant - Trap 3UU Zendikar, Rare

Hedron Crab
Creature - Crab U (0/2) Zendikar, Uncommon

Tome Scour
Sorcery U Magic 2010, Common

Haunting Echoes
Sorcery 3BB Odyssey, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $19.29
Date Posted: Wed Feb/24/10 at 2:27 am

Posts: 1
Joined: 24-Feb-10

ok this is a realy easy combo to pull off im suprized i havent seen it on here yet first off get your hedron crabs, drowner initaiates and iky sticks (isichron scepors) out with the icky sticks copieing the counterspells. then once you got that far play dimir aquiduct it comes into play tapped and returns a land to your hand  witch triggers hedron crabs landfall ability be sure to tap the land for mana befor plaing dimir, then keep bouncing back and fourth with the dimir\\\'s when you play enough mana use your mind funerals traumatizes and what not and used the ickysticks to counter whatever there trying to do to stop you (heart stones are a nice add on to this combo too) then when you\\\'ve gone trhough about half there deck plat haunting echoes it exiles there graveyard and all cards in there hand and library with the same name as any card in that was exiled in there graveyard exept basic land and watch them cry (be sure to have a counterspell hand and mana to use it when you play that thought to be safe)



the mill tester
Date Posted: Thu Feb/25/10 at 8:41am

Posts: 389
Joined: 22-Feb-10

So the combo is Traumatize, Haunting Echoes, while the rest of this is more like a decklist.
Date Posted: Thu Feb/25/10 at 10:27am

Posts: 1
Joined: 24-Feb-10

well thats the way every one wants too look at it the main thing i was talking about was the hedron crabs and the dimir aqueduct's hedrons landfall ability is target oponent mills three cards and it stacksthe more you have out dimir aqueduct when it comes into play you have to return a land to your hand so once you have one in play and one in your hand your gaurenteed to activate this ability every turnthe rest of the card are more things your gonna want in the deck so your oponent cant counter or wors just kill you
Date Posted: Thu Feb/25/10 at 4:32pm

Posts: 389
Joined: 22-Feb-10

Yes the bounce lands from Ravnica do go very well with landfall, as do the Lairs. I personally play a green/blue deck with Simic lands and Roil Elementals, but I also use Oracles Of Mul Daya, Dreamscape Artists, and Sakura-Tribe Scouts for additional land-playing, and Mulldrifters, Elvish Visionaries, and Advice From The Fae for additional cards. Then I use Coiling Oracles and Kodama's Reaches which accomplish both of these tasks. It's quite a nasty deck.
Date Posted: Thu Feb/25/10 at 9:49pm

Posts: 86
Joined: 22-Feb-10

I have a milling deck which include cards like glimpse the unthinkable, grip of amnesia, grindstone, but one of the best combos you can use that is a must have in a milling deck is Raven Guild Master and Crafty Pathmage. It's like these two cards were meant to be played together.
Date Posted: Thu Feb/25/10 at 10:00pm

Posts: 31
Joined: 01-Jan-10

a new way to mill someone is with some world wake allies, the halimar excavators and jwari shapeshifters in the form of the excavator can make an opponent discard a serious amount of cards
4 halimar excavators with 4 more as shapeshifters and then play a join the ranks if my math is correct you opponent would have to discard 80 cards plus the cards discarded while playing the other 8 cards
Date Posted: Sat Feb/27/10 at 11:33am

Posts: 389
Joined: 22-Feb-10

It's irelevant if your math is correct or not. Having 8 specific creatures from your library on the battlefield is as ridiculous a situation as any other 8 card combo. What if I had 4 Pandemoniums and 4 Furnace Of Raths and played a Krosan Cloudscraper?Sure you'd take 416 damage, but that almost never happens, so it's ridiculous to even consider.
Date Posted: Sat Feb/27/10 at 12:53pm

Posts: 31
Joined: 01-Jan-10

actually it was 9 cards lol  all you need to do is rig the deck
Date Posted: Sun Feb/28/10 at 9:57pm

Posts: 2788
Joined: 13-Oct-09

meis, you would mill 160 cards with the 8 excavators and playing join the ranks. 

paradox-in the right build it is easy to get 8 of the same card out, since it only needs to hit once it can only be temporary.  Your recent token combo for example, is a good base add the excavator, freeblade, and mirror weave, you win
Date Posted: Sat Mar/06/10 at 8:27pm

Posts: 389
Joined: 22-Feb-10

Of course it's 'easy' to get 4 of any particular card, or even 8, but what's your opponent going to do to you in the meantime? I don't play competetively, I play casual... but even the casual games I play would end long before something like this ever hit the board.
Date Posted: Fri Dec/23/11 at 10:59pm

Posts: 79
Joined: 23-Dec-11

Heartstones affect creatures and not noncreature artifacts.
Date Posted: Fri Dec/23/11 at 11:59pm

Posts: 1144
Joined: 24-May-10

It's 10 cards you posted an you're surprised nobody posted it before?
Date Posted: Sat Dec/24/11 at 7:49am

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

My thoughts exactly.
Date Posted: Tue Dec/27/11 at 11:02pm

Memnite Shyamalan
Posts: 81
Joined: 26-Dec-11

Any sizeable mill card or combo with Haunting Echoes to boot is good enough. Speaking of echoes, how about Echo Mage? His max ability with Glimpse and Traumatize are oh so sweet!
Date Posted: Tue Dec/27/11 at 11:21pm

Posts: 157
Joined: 10-Sep-11

Then they just mill 12/16 or 30 cards of their library...! Nbd!

Also, is krosan cloudscraper the 13/13 guy?! If so, that guy didd his math wrong! 13x2x2x2x2=208, 208x4=832! Unless your opponent is playing serious life gain, youll probably win!

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