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Combo Name: Destroy all of your opponent's creatures. Submitted By: Nevari
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Avatar of Woe
Creature - Avatar 6BB 6 / 5 Prophecy, Rare

Thornbite Staff
Tribal Artifact - Shaman Equipment 2 Morningtide, Uncommon
Estimated Combo Cost: $3.15
Date Posted: Sun Jun/01/08 at 9:44 pm

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Joined: 01-Jun-08

With Avatar of Woe out, equip Thornbite Staff to it and whenever it taps to kill a creature it gets untapped.
Date Posted: Jun/08/08 at 5:45pm

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Joined: 08-Jun-08

A combo we stumbled across in lorwyn draft is similar. Turn two thornbite staff into turn three moonglove changeling (and the staff equips for free). Then you can pay the deathtouch activation and pay 2 mana to kill any creature, untap and repeat. More mana intensive for the killing but moonglove hits the table a lot quicker than avatar.
Date Posted: Nov/08/08 at 4:45pm

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Nice one! I was looking for a way to put those Thornbite's to work. Thanks!
Date Posted: Sat Apr/24/10 at 5:57pm

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Indestructibility? Shroud? Were these abilities not invented when this combo was made?
Date Posted: Mon Jun/14/10 at 12:51pm

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Joined: 16-Mar-10

Mike D this site isnt for saying what cards break a combo. Its about posting possible ones. This is magic everything can be prevented and we all know this. Going around saying cards to destroy combos is not contributing at all. LTPost

Also i think this combo could be sped up mono black with cards like entomb and basic destroy creature cards, heck even a crypt rat on the 4th turn could get almost 10 creatures in the graveyard depending on the opponents deck your playing (maybe elves?)
Date Posted: Mon Jun/14/10 at 3:57pm

lin sivvi
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Force of will, and Obliterate, takes care of just about every combo I found.
Date Posted: Thu Mar/17/11 at 8:18pm

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cant happen , u have to choose only 1 of the tap abilities
Date Posted: Thu Mar/17/11 at 9:06pm

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Joined: 13-Oct-09

Nightmare-what are you refering to?
Date Posted: Thu Mar/17/11 at 10:44pm

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Joined: 13-Mar-11

u have to pay 2 and tap to get the untap ability and u cant tap 1 creature and get two tap abilities.
Date Posted: Thu Mar/17/11 at 10:46pm

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add the creature that makes other creatures 11 and go from there
Date Posted: Thu Mar/17/11 at 11:16pm

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Thornbite staff actually gives the equip creature 2 abilities -the activated ability is to pay 2 tap and do damage.  The other ability is when a creature goes to grave untap this.  Look at he text, I bolded and enlarged the keyword:

Equipped creature has "2, Tap: This creature deals 1 damage to target creature or player" and "Whenever a creature is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, untap this creature."


While the staff does give both abilitys they are actually independent of each other, evidenced by the quotation marks surronding both phrases, if they relyed on each other they would be in quotion marks together. 

[Edited by gericault5 on 17/Mar/11 at 11:20PM]
Date Posted: Fri Mar/18/11 at 12:12am

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10 4 got ya , use woes ability and untap with staff.

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