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Combo Name: infinite sliver creatures Submitted By: d-roc314
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Sliver Queen
Summon Legend WUBRG 7/7 Stronghold, Rare

Enchantment 1G Tempest, Rare

Fertile Ground
Enchant Land 1G Urza's Saga, Common

Land Urza's Saga, Common
Estimated Combo Cost: $41.17
Date Posted: Mon Jan/04/10 at 5:00 pm

Posts: 66
Joined: 22-Nov-09

enchant the forest or any land with fertile ground.

Have earthcraft and sliverqueen in play.

tap the forest for 2 mana and put a sliver into play.

tap the token that just came into play to untap the land.

Rinse and repeat.
Date Posted: Mon Jan/04/10 at 7:02pm

Posts: 5711
Joined: 08-Sep-09

Too many cards... Squirrel's Nest is better but it is banned in type 1 so it's an ok combo i think...
Date Posted: Mon Jan/04/10 at 7:39pm

Posts: 66
Joined: 22-Nov-09

This also works with Sacred Mesa if you dont happend to have a sliverqueen.

and yes,  Squirrel's Nest and earthcraft is awsome.

[Edited by d-roc314 on 4/Jan/10 at 7:42PM]

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