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Combo Name: ROFLcopter Submitted By: Moose Springsteen
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Planar Portal
Artifact 6 Invasion, Rare

Sorcery 6GG Onslaught, Rare

Planar Guide
Creature - Cleric W 1/1 Legions, Rare

Artifact Creature 0 0/2 Antiquities, Common
Estimated Combo Cost: $4.19
Date Posted: Wed Dec/23/09 at 12:50 am

Moose Springsteen
Posts: 28
Joined: 23-Dec-09

pretty simple. play planar guide. use his ability. play ornithopter (or any creature) then biorythm. then you pray they don\'t have a flash creature. they\'re rare. it just fun to with with an ornithopter because as always, i like somewhat humiliating wins.  its also inexpensive to play and they\'re in everyother booster pack.  the planar portals help things run faster.  as some mana exeleration to speed it up as well. at the end make sure you yell \"ROFL!\"
Date Posted: Wed Dec/23/09 at 5:44pm

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09


[Edited by Turbine on 23/Dec/09 at 5:44PM]
Date Posted: Thu Dec/24/09 at 11:27am

Posts: 40
Joined: 24-Dec-09

My only suggestion to Planar Guide would be to use a Wrath of God instead. With Planar Guide, you have to play him, wait out his sickness, then use 4 mana to trigger his ability. With WoG, you can use 4 mana on the same turn. Makes this combo just that much quicker! :D

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