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Combo Name: Truthfully infinite turns Submitted By: Dedere
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Panoptic Mirror
Artifact 5 Darksteel, Rare

Time Walk
Sorcery 1U Beta, Rare
Estimated Combo Cost: $709.83
Date Posted: Tue Dec/01/09 at 6:23 pm

Posts: 9
Joined: 30-Nov-09

first you play a panoptic mirror with a time walk in your hand to imprint onto panoptic mirror and at the beginning of your upkeeps for the rest of the game ( unless someone destroys panoptic mirror with an instant card) you get to play time walk for nothing!
This combo is expensive however and if your willing to play panoptic mirror on a different card that has the same effect as timewalk then thats fine but it would cost more mana to play it.
Date Posted: Wed Dec/02/09 at 2:04pm

Posts: 10
Joined: 24-Nov-09

Why did you even post this? Only a complete idiot would think that they thought of this combo and are claiming credit for it. You are truly a disgrace to the entite MTGC community.
Date Posted: Wed Dec/02/09 at 9:49pm

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Posts: 496
Joined: 04-Nov-09

What's up with the aggression? Keep in mind that some players have not been playing as long as the rest of us.

Great job on the combo man and yeah that is definately a game ender unless they are playing instants with artifact hate.

Gavrochen, as far as I am concerned the only disgrace to our community are people like you who would make such a comment to another player. Even if you did not mean it to be purely a put down it really does not seem that way on this side of the computer screen. Also keep in mind MTG started back in 1993 with Alpha. I started in 1997 I think it was with Tempest. This is almost 2010, nearly 17 years from its beginings. A lot has changed in that time and many millions of new players have come through.
Date Posted: Thu Dec/03/09 at 5:56am

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Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

So what if other people have posted this combo. I have to agree with Ghostfire. Comments like Gavrochen's are just negative and unnecessary.
Date Posted: Thu Dec/03/09 at 1:20pm

Posts: 51
Joined: 01-Sep-09

Many of us are guilty of re-submitting combos. There are no archives to go and search so many of these combos show up multiple times.

Date Posted: Thu Dec/03/09 at 1:23pm

Posts: 1771
Joined: 16-Dec-08

Like Sketch said, it has been posted several times, as well as many others, and do not get saved permanently on the site and  just as Ghostfire said, there are always new players, and since the combo doesn't get saved it helps to have it reposted so those who are new to the game get a chance to view it as well.  And furthermore, it's just a cardgame. There is no real reason to be so serious about it. Unless they posted something like Angel Song and Reborn Hope as a combo and typed sd.

[Edited by Metal_Overlord on 3/Dec/09 at 1:25PM]
Date Posted: Thu Dec/03/09 at 9:04pm

Posts: 12
Joined: 12-Aug-09

That was completely out of hand. I'll be honest, I've been playing MTG for a few years and I had never heard of this combo. We're all here to post new and old combos, encourage each other, and give different ideas. That kind of attitude is completely uncalled for. I think it's a freakin great combo.
Date Posted: Mon Dec/07/09 at 5:44pm

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

I think that maybe the sd meant sad, and that the person that made it thought it was sad that we were actually listening to him. :)
Date Posted: Thu Dec/24/09 at 12:22pm

Posts: 40
Joined: 24-Dec-09

Been playing MTG for about 8 years and never realized this combo. Who cares if it's a duplicate? Thanks for the info. I have always had my hope high for getting Time Vault and never took the time to make other "infinate turn" combos.
Date Posted: Sat Jan/30/10 at 7:36pm

Posts: 10
Joined: 28-Jan-10

It's a good combo, who care's if it's copied? There are billions of combo's out there, and thousands of cards. Some people already knew of this combo, or ones similar to it, and to be honest, I never though to do that. So re-posting this combo helps people realize that "Hey, that's not a bad idea! Lets use this combo, and tweak it if I need to."
Date Posted: Sun Jan/31/10 at 10:38pm

Posts: 1250
Joined: 31-Aug-09

The site is also to blame. If you look through the site you can see that many of the combos that i have submitted are gone. Well not gone, but you have to go under my name and check my submissions to see them. The site has them but drops them off. If you could search for them then you would know that this is far form the first time that it has been submitted, BUT you can't. Since you can't see it it is unfair to assume that everybody has seen it. I have learned many ones form this, and for the record, my idea of the ultimate combo with the panphalatic mirror was cruel edict. I don't play the power nine so i didn't even think of it.
Date Posted: Wed Apr/07/10 at 10:34am

Posts: 2
Joined: 07-Apr-10

Ghostfire is right, only small flaw is if someone has a disenchant or something in their hand... Just play a Sen Triplets if you're afraid of that :)
Date Posted: Mon Aug/30/10 at 11:21pm

Posts: 71
Joined: 30-Aug-10

A cool combo that is giving me some very mean ideas.
Date Posted: Tue Aug/31/10 at 4:38am

Posts: 5711
Joined: 08-Sep-09

another old post revived...
Date Posted: Tue Nov/30/10 at 8:59pm

master chancellor
Posts: 68
Joined: 22-Nov-10

If other's combo is better than yours, learn to accept it, at least you have plenty of options in hand.
Date Posted: Tue Nov/30/10 at 9:17pm

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

Also, if you looked, two of the combos he posted were rather obvious copies of others.
Date Posted: Mon Jan/24/11 at 11:36am

Posts: 4
Joined: 24-Jan-11

Despite posting this combination, how many people here actually own a Time Walk or plan to purchase one if they don't?
Date Posted: Mon Feb/21/11 at 11:06pm

Posts: 115
Joined: 21-Feb-11

Any "Take an extra turn" card could be used in place of TW to keep the price down.  And this isn't "truly" infinite turns, as you don't seem to have included a card to keep yourself from milling out...
Date Posted: Fri Sep/09/11 at 2:30pm

Posts: 31
Joined: 07-Sep-11

Hey wait a second... isn't timewalk banned?
Date Posted: Fri Sep/09/11 at 2:32pm

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

It's restricted in Vintage.
Date Posted: Sat Sep/10/11 at 6:04pm

Posts: 13
Joined: 09-Sep-11

a card that can help with the milling out is elixer of immortality
Date Posted: Sat Sep/10/11 at 8:36pm

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

You must be some kind of stupid if you die after having infinite turns.
Date Posted: Sat Sep/10/11 at 11:25pm

lin sivvi
Posts: 1608
Joined: 14-Jan-10

or realize that having your entire deck is lands and cards that get out those two cards. . .
Date Posted: Sun Sep/11/11 at 10:51am

Posts: 1081
Joined: 04-Apr-11

Or digging up an ancient combo.  lol

By the way, the world doesn't live by the rules so you can play those cards in casual play and this combo would work great.
Date Posted: Sun Sep/11/11 at 11:02am

Posts: 10194
Joined: 26-Oct-09

@ Darth

The world doesn't play by the rules, eh? I can tell you aren't a physicist.
Date Posted: Mon Dec/26/11 at 4:21pm

Memnite Shyamalan
Posts: 81
Joined: 26-Dec-11

Panoptic opens the door to a lot of nasty! I just saw how much Time Walk cost and thanked the Lord I'm on a toilet. If you can manage enough mana there is Time Stretch.
Date Posted: Mon Dec/26/11 at 5:18pm

Narcinek War-Rider
Posts: 1283
Joined: 16-Jun-11

This is better than My infinite turns combo for  the sake of less cards and less hassle. Good job.

P.S. Such negative comments aren't necessary.
Date Posted: Tue Dec/27/11 at 12:42am

Posts: 1148
Joined: 24-May-10


Primary reason I do not post any combos containing the P9 cards. Until I win the lottery, that is....

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