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Combo Name: E.P.B Submitted By: Ebbe
Card Name
Editions (ordered by release)

Enduring Renewal
Enchantment 2WW Time Spiral: Timeshifted, Rare

Enchantment 3R Exodus, Rare

Blood Pet
Creature B 1/1 6th Edition, Common
Estimated Combo Cost: $4.60
Date Posted: Sun Aug/23/09 at 8:30 pm

Posts: 34
Joined: 12-Aug-09

A total ripoff of MetalHead's E.B.S

(0. Pay the blood pet)
1. Sacrifice the Blood Pet
2. Enduring Renewal puts Blood Pet in your hand
3. Spend the mana from the Blood Pet to play the Blood Pet.
4. Pandemonium deals 1 damage
5. Repeat
Date Posted: Mon Aug/24/09 at 7:33am

Posts: 1771
Joined: 16-Dec-08

Not a total rip-off at all, honestly.When a person makes a single deviation to something original doesn't it become original itself.(Pardon the ridiculous ranting, my art teacher practically preached this sort of stuff.) My combo gains infinite life, whereas your's gives infinite damage and is easily more effective because it could play well in an enemy colored deck with both demonic and enlightened tutor.
Date Posted: Tue Aug/25/09 at 4:49pm

Posts: 34
Joined: 12-Aug-09

Well, I guess you're art teacher is right. But I still feel that Blood Pet/Enduring Renewal is the REAL combo here.
Pandemonium/Soul Warden are just add-on's, and I'll be sure to put both in my deck.
Date Posted: Wed Sep/16/09 at 10:00pm

Posts: 1250
Joined: 31-Aug-09

the enduring renewal bloodpet/ goblin prospector is the combo. It does nothing on its own. The soul warden / pandemonium / deathgreater are ways of making a the combo do something, instead of just being a spinning wheel attached to nothing. With the soul warden, or any of the others it is an engine of power.

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