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43 results for: Val Mayerik
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Assembly Hall Artifact 5 Mercadian Masques $0.40
Brutal Suppression Enchantment R Prophecy $0.22
Citanul Centaurs Summon Centaurs 3G 6/3 Urza's Saga $0.44
Contempt Enchant Creature 1U Stronghold $0.13
Curiosity Enchant Creature U Exodus $0.90
Curiosity Enchantment - Aura U Innistrad $0.19
Dehydration Enchant Creature 3U Mercadian Masques $0.13
Douse Enchantment 2U Urza's Saga $0.26
Energizer Artifact Creature 4 2/2 Tempest $0.41
Faerie Conclave Land Urza's Legacy $0.83
Fires of Yavimaya Enchantment 1RG Invasion $0.89
Fires of Yavimaya Enchantment 1RG Planechase 2012 Edition $0.67
Food Chain Enchantment 2G Mercadian Masques $7.82
Gerrard's Battle Cry Enchantment W Tempest $0.50
Hopping Automaton Artifact Creature 3 2/2 Urza's Saga $0.20
Humble Instant 1W Urza's Saga $0.28
Indentured Djinn Creature - Djinn 1UU 4/4 Mercadian Masques $0.28
Iron Will Instant W Urza's Legacy $0.13
Launch Enchant Creature 1U Urza's Saga $0.12
Needle Storm Sorcery 2G Tempest $0.21
Needle Storm Sorcery 2G 9th Edition $0.22
Needle Storm Sorcery 2G 1/1 Portal $0.25
Nomads en-Kor Summon Soldiers W 1/1 Stronghold $0.19
Path of Peace Sorcery 3W Urza's Saga $0.13
Path of Peace Sorcery 3W 6/3 Portal $0.17
Peat Bog Land Mercadian Masques $0.15
Pegasus Charger Summon Pegasus 2W 2/1 Urza's Saga $0.13
Pegasus Charger Creature - Pegasus 2W 2/1 9th Edition $0.13
Reconnaissance Enchantment W Exodus $0.28
Remembrance Enchantment 3W Urza's Saga $0.69
Righteous Indignation Enchantment 2W Mercadian Masques $0.19
Security Detail Enchantment 3W Mercadian Masques $0.39
Seething Anger Sorcery R Stronghold $0.13
Sick and Tired Instant 2B Urza's Legacy $0.13
Soltari Guerrillas Summon Soldiers 2WR 3/2 Tempest $0.80
Squall Sorcery 2G Mercadian Masques $0.13
Tainted Well Enchant Land 2B Invasion $0.12
Tanglebloom Artifact 1 Mirrodin $0.13
Task Mage Assembly Enchantment 2R Prophecy $0.40
Titania's Boon Sorcery 3G Urza's Saga $0.23
Tooth and Claw Enchantment 3R Tempest $0.42
Tooth and Claw Enchantment 3R Commander 2013 $0.29
Victimize Sorcery 2B Urza's Saga $1.69