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22 results for: Thomas Gianni
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Abeyance Instant 1W Weatherlight $3.43
Dregs of Sorrow Sorcery X4B Tempest $0.74
Fledgling Djinn Summon Djinn 1B 2/2 Weatherlight $0.12
Game of Chaos Sorcery RRR 5th Edition $0.66
Head to Head Unhinged $0.22
Manriki-Gusari Artifact - Equipment 2 Saviors of Kamigawa $1.09
Meishin, the Mind Cage Legendary Enchantment 4UUU Saviors of Kamigawa $0.45
Neverending Torment Sorcery 4BB Saviors of Kamigawa $0.46
Pit Raptor Creature - Mercenary 2BB 4/3 Prophecy $0.21
Prison Barricade Creature - Wall 1W 1/3 Invasion $0.13
Reverse Damage Instant 1WW 5th Edition $0.89
Reverse Damage Instant 1WW 6th Edition $0.81
Reverse Damage Instant 1WW 9th Edition $0.47
Sea's Claim Enchant land U 9th Edition $0.15
Seht's Tiger Creature - Cat 2WW 3/3 Future Sight $0.39
Shimmering Efreet Summon Efreet 2U 2/2 Visions $0.18
Sphere of Purity Enchantment 3W Mirrodin $0.12
Torture Chamber Artifact 3 Tempest $0.41
Tower of the Magistrate Land Mercadian Masques $8.35
Turf Wound Instant 2R Invasion $0.12
Wall of Stone Summon Wall 1RR 0/8 5th Edition $0.46
Waterspout Djinn Summon Djinn 2UU 4/4 Visions $0.18