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158 results for: Stronghold
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Acidic Sliver Summon Sliver BR 2/2 Stronghold $0.54
Amok Enchantment 1R Stronghold $0.42
Awakening Enchantment 2GG Stronghold $0.69
Bandage Instant W Stronghold $0.14
Bottomless Pit Enchantment 1BB Stronghold $0.29
Brush With Death Sorcery 2B Stronghold $0.12
Bullwhip Artifact 4 Stronghold $0.20
Burgeoning Enchantment G Stronghold $4.91
Calming Licid Summon Licid 2W 2/2 Stronghold $0.21
Cannibalize Sorcery 1B Stronghold $0.14
Carnassid Summon Beast 4GG 5/4 Stronghold $0.39
Change of Heart Instant W Stronghold $0.13
Cloud Spirit Summon Spirit 2U 3/1 Stronghold $0.13
Constant Mists Instant 1G Stronghold $0.50
Contemplation Enchantment 1WW Stronghold $0.22
Contempt Enchant Creature 1U Stronghold $0.13
Conviction Enchant Creature 1W Stronghold $0.14
Convulsing Licid Summon Licid 2R 2/2 Stronghold $0.21
Corrupting Licid Summon Licid 2B 2/2 Stronghold $0.21
Craven Giant Summon Giant 2R 4/1 Stronghold $0.14
Crossbow Ambush Instant G Stronghold $0.13
Crovax the Cursed Summon Legend 2BB 0/0 Stronghold $0.63
Crystalline Sliver Summon Sliver WU 2/2 Stronghold $3.43
Dauthi Trapper Summon Minion 2B 1/1 Stronghold $0.36
Death Stroke Sorcery BB Stronghold $0.14
Dream Halls Enchantment 3UU Stronghold $4.80
Dream Prowler Summon Illusion 2UU 1/5 Stronghold $0.13
Duct Crawler Summon Insect R 1/1 Stronghold $0.13
Dungeon Shade Summon Spirit 3B 1/1 Stronghold $0.13
Ebon Stronghold Land Fallen Empires $0.28
Ebon Stronghold Land 5th Edition $0.27
Ebon Stronghold Land 6th Edition $0.29
Elven Rite Sorcery 1G Stronghold $0.22
Endangered Armodon Summon Elephant 2GG 4/5 Stronghold $0.13
Ensnaring Bridge Artifact 3 Stronghold $4.45
Evacuation Instant 3UU Stronghold $1.38
Fanning the Flames Sorcery XRR Stronghold $0.25
Flame Wave Sorcery 3RRRR Stronghold $0.24
Fling Instant 1R Stronghold $0.30
Flowstone Blade Enchant Creature R Stronghold $0.13
Flowstone Hellion Summon Beast 4R 3/3 Stronghold $0.20
Flowstone Mauler Summon Beast 4RR 4/5 Stronghold $0.38
Flowstone Shambler Summon Beast 2R 2/2 Stronghold $0.13
Foul Imp Summon Imp BB 2/2 Stronghold $0.13
Furnace Spirit Summon Spirit 2R 1/1 Stronghold $0.13
Gliding Licid Summon Licid 2U 2/2 Stronghold $0.20
Grave Pact Enchantment 1BBB Stronghold $4.76
Hammerhead Shark Summon Fish 1U 2/3 Stronghold $0.13
Heartstone Artifact 3 Stronghold $0.48
Heat of Battle Enchantment 1R Stronghold $0.21
Hermit Druid Summon Druid 1G 1/1 Stronghold $1.34
Hesitation Enchantment 1U Stronghold $0.26
Hibernation Sliver Summon Sliver UB 2/2 Stronghold $0.49
Hidden Retreat Enchantment 2W Stronghold $0.39
Honor Guard Summon Soldier W 1/1 Stronghold $0.14
Horn of Greed Artifact 3 Stronghold $2.90
Hornet Cannon Artifact 4 Stronghold $0.20
Intruder Alarm Enchantment 2U Stronghold $2.78
Invasion Plans Enchantment 2R Stronghold $0.40
Jinxed Ring Artifact 2 Stronghold $0.41
Lab Rats Sorcery B Stronghold $0.14
Lancers en-Kor Summon Soldiers 3WW 3/3 Stronghold $0.21
Leap Instant U Stronghold $0.13
Lowland Basilisk Summon Basilisk 2G 1/3 Stronghold $0.13
Mana Leak Instant 1U Stronghold $0.65
Mask of the Mimic Instant U Stronghold $0.36
Megrim Enchantment 2B Stronghold $0.65
Mind Games Instant U Stronghold $0.13
Mind Peel Sorcery B Stronghold $0.19
Mindwarper Summon Spirit 2BB 0/0 Stronghold $0.37
Mob Justice Sorcery 1R Stronghold $0.14
Mogg Bombers Summon Goblins 3R 3/4 Stronghold $0.13
Mogg Flunkies Summon Goblins 1R 3/3 Stronghold $0.17
Mogg Infestation Sorcery 3RR Stronghold $1.39
Mogg Maniac Summon Goblin 1R 1/1 Stronghold $0.84
Morgue Thrull Summon Thrull 2B 2/2 Stronghold $0.13
Mortuary Enchantment 3B Stronghold $0.43
Mountain Stronghold Land Legends $0.60
Mox Diamond Artifact 0 Stronghold $32.60
Mulch Sorcery 1G Stronghold $0.17
Nomads en-Kor Summon Soldiers W 1/1 Stronghold $0.19
Overgrowth Enchant Land 2G Stronghold $0.14
Portcullis Artifact 4 Stronghold $0.43
Primal Rage Enchantment 1G Stronghold $0.83
Provoke Instant 1G Stronghold $0.13
Pursuit of Knowledge Enchantment 3W Stronghold $0.51
Rabid Rats Summon Rats 1B 1/1 Stronghold $0.14
Ransack Sorcery 3U Stronghold $0.19
Rebound Instant 1U Stronghold $0.21
Reins of Power Instant 2UU Stronghold $0.91
Revenant Summon Spirit 4B */* Stronghold $0.45
Rolling Stones Enchantment 1W Stronghold $0.54
Ruination Sorcery 3R Stronghold $0.64
Sacred Ground Enchantment 1W Stronghold $0.56
Samite Blessing Enchant Creature W Stronghold $0.14
Scapegoat Instant W Stronghold $0.21
Seething Anger Sorcery R Stronghold $0.13
Serpent Warrior Summon Soldier 2B 3/3 Stronghold $0.13
Shaman en-Kor Summon Cleric 1W 1/2 Stronghold $1.27
Shard Phoenix Summon Phoenix 4R 2/2 Stronghold $0.53
Shifting Wall Artifact Creature X 0/0 Stronghold $0.69
Shock Instant R Stronghold $0.19
Sift Sorcery 3U Stronghold $0.13
Silver Wyvern Summon Drake 3UU 4/3 Stronghold $0.46
Skeleton Scavengers Summon Skeletons 2B 0/0 Stronghold $0.39
Skyshroud Archer Summon Elf G 1/1 Stronghold $0.14
Skyshroud Falcon Summon Bird 1W 1/1 Stronghold $0.13
Skyshroud Troopers Summon Elves 3G 3/3 Stronghold $0.13
Slayers' Stronghold Land Avacyn Restored $0.91
Sliver Queen Summon Legend WUBRG 7/7 Stronghold $29.23
Smite Instant W Stronghold $0.14
Soltari Champion Summon Soldier 2W 2/2 Stronghold $2.14
Spike Breeder Summon Spike 3G 0/0 Stronghold $0.41
Spike Colony Summon Spike 4G 0/0 Stronghold $0.13
Spike Feeder Summon Spike 1GG 0/0 Stronghold $0.29
Spike Soldier Summon Spike 2GG 0/0 Stronghold $0.21
Spike Worker Summon Spike 2G 0/0 Stronghold $0.13
Spindrift Drake Summon Drake U 2/1 Stronghold $0.13
Spined Sliver Summon Sliver RG 2/2 Stronghold $0.37
Spined Wurm Summon Wurm 4G 5/4 Stronghold $0.13
Spirit en-Kor Summon Spirit 3W 2/2 Stronghold $0.13
Spitting Hydra Summon Hydra 3RR 0/0 Stronghold $0.38
Stronghold Assassin Summon Assassin 1BB 2/1 Stronghold $0.67
Stronghold Assassin Creature - Assassin 1BB 2/1 7th Edition $0.69
Stronghold Assassin Creature - Zombie Assassin 1BB 2 / 1 Commander 2013 $0.38
Stronghold Biologist Creature - Spellshaper 2U 1/1 Nemesis $0.22
Stronghold Discipline Sorcery 2BB Nemesis $0.14
Stronghold Discipline Sorcery 2BB 10th Edition $0.18
Stronghold Gambit Sorcery 1R Nemesis $0.39
Stronghold Machinist Creature - Spellshaper 2U 1/1 Nemesis $0.20
Stronghold Overseer Creature - Demon 3BBB 5/5 Time Spiral $0.53
Stronghold Rats Creature - Rat 2B 2/1 Future Sight $0.21
Stronghold Taskmaster Summon Minion 2BB 4/3 Stronghold $0.20
Stronghold Zeppelin Creature - Ship 2UU 3/3 Nemesis $0.21
Sword of the Chosen Legendary Artifact 2 Stronghold $0.44
Temper Instant X1W Stronghold $0.20
Tempting Licid Summon Licid 2G 2/2 Stronghold $0.21
Thalakos Deceiver Summon Wizard 3U 1/1 Stronghold $1.04
Tidal Surge Sorcery 1U Stronghold $0.13
Tidal Warrior Summon Merfolk U 1/1 Stronghold $0.17
Torment Enchant Creature 1B Stronghold $0.13
Tortured Existence Enchantment B Stronghold $0.18
Venerable Monk Summon Cleric 2W 2/2 Stronghold $0.13
Verdant Touch Sorcery 1G Stronghold $0.41
Victual Sliver Summon Sliver GW 2/2 Stronghold $0.62
Volrath's Gardens Enchantment 1G Stronghold $0.42
Volrath's Laboratory Artifact 5 Stronghold $0.47
Volrath's Shapeshifter Summon Shapeshifter 1UU 0/1 Stronghold $1.12
Volrath's Stronghold Legendary Land Stronghold $18.99
Walking Dream Summon Illusion 3U 3/3 Stronghold $0.20
Wall of Blossoms Summon Wall 1G 0/4 Stronghold $1.94
Wall of Essence Summon Wall 1W 0/4 Stronghold $0.39
Wall of Razors Summon Wall 1R 4/1 Stronghold $0.32
Wall of Souls Summon Wall 1B 0/4 Stronghold $1.32
Wall of Tears Summon Wall 1U 0/4 Stronghold $0.50
Warrior Angel Summon Angel 4WW 3/4 Stronghold $1.08
Warrior en-Kor Summon Knight WW 2/2 Stronghold $0.28
Youthful Knight Summon Knight 1W 2/1 Stronghold $0.14

Combos for: Stronghold Gambit
Combo Name: Gambit Glasses [Submitted by: Boyachi]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)

Monored way to toss out your creature, use the Glasses to time it right.

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Combos for: Volrath's Stronghold
Combo Name: Shapeshifter Progenitus [Submitted by: Manaburn]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Play the shapeshifter, use it to discard progenitus from your hand and presto you have a progenitus copy with only 3 mana!

I added the stronghold so you can bring the progenitus back to the top of your graveyard if it gets another creature on top of it.  You could leave this out and run a mono blue deck with progenitus.

It's simple and quick!
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Combo Name: Called form the grave [Submitted by: psyche]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
6 mana, any creature in your graveyard back into play. Just a easy revival combo.
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Combo Name: 18 damage for 5 mana [Submitted by: Pal-of-Lim-Dul]
Card Name Type Cost P/T Editions (ordered by release)
Get Draco in your graveyard then put him on your library come draw time and pyromancy blows him up.

Er, 16 damage... was originally adding pyromancer's swath to put hand in graveyard but realized Pyromancy wasn't an instant or sorcery so I went with buried alive to tutor your ammo right away.

[Edited by Pal-of-Lim-Dul on 30/Nov/10 at 2:52PM]
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