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34 results for: Steve Luke
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Abyssal Hunter Summon Hunter 3B 1/1 Mirage $0.42
Abyssal Hunter Creature 3B 6th Edition $0.56
Bosium Strip Artifact 3 Weatherlight $0.73
Cave People Summon Cave People 1RR 1/4 5th Edition $0.22
Chaos Charm Instant R Mirage $0.12
Chaosphere Enchant World 2R Mirage $0.57
Coral Fighters Summon Merfolk 1U 1/1 Mirage $0.18
Coral Helm Artifact 3 5th Edition $0.45
Devastation Sorcery 5RR 2/2 Portal $8.89
Dirtwater Wraith Summon Wraith 3B 1/3 Mirage $0.13
Ertai's Meddling Instant XU Tempest $0.42
Femeref Healer Summon Cleric 1W 1/1 Mirage $0.12
Fire Snake Summon Creature 4R 3/1 Portal $0.18
Gossamer Chains Enchantment WW Visions $0.13
Greater Realm of Preservation Enchantment 1W 5th Edition $0.39
Merfolk Raiders Summon Merfolk 1U 2/3 Mirage $0.12
Merfolk Seer Summon Merfolk 2U 2/2 Mirage $0.12
Mind Rot Sorcery 2B 8th Edition $0.12
Mind Rot Sorcery 2B 9th Edition $0.12
Mind Rot Sorcery 2B 10th Edition $0.14
Mind Rot Sorcery 2B Magic 2013 $0.14
Mind Rot Sorcery 2B Magic 2014 $0.14
Mind Rot Sorcery 2B Magic 2012 $0.15
Psychic Vortex Enchantment 2UU Weatherlight $0.50
Redwood Treefolk Creature 4G 6th Edition $0.14
Sapphire Charm Instant U Mirage $0.12
Scalebane's Elite Summon Soldiers 3WG 4/4 Visions $0.19
Serra Bestiary Enchant Creature WW 5th Edition $0.29
Shimmering Wings Enchant Creature U Tempest $0.13
Skyshroud Ranger Summon Elf G 1/1 Tempest $0.14
Spell Blast Instant XU Tempest $0.13
Undying Beast Summon Creature 3B 3/2 Portal $0.17
Wand of Denial Artifact 2 Visions $0.44
Wand of Denial Artifact 2 6th Edition $0.69