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21 results for: Richard Kane-Ferguson
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Dakkon Blackblade Summon Legend 2BUUW */* Legends $17.19
Earthlink Enchantment 3BRG Ice Age $0.41
Elder Druid Summon Cleric 3G 2/2 Ice Age $0.39
Elvish Farmer Summon Elf 1G 0/2 Fallen Empires $1.78
Essence Flare Enchant Creature U Ice Age $0.13
Flare Instant 2R Ice Age $0.13
Hazezon Tamar Summon Legend 4WGR 2/4 Legends $22.71
Hymn of Rebirth Sorcery 3WG Ice Age $0.29
Icequake Sorcery 1BB Ice Age $0.42
Jasmine Boreal Summon Legend 3WG 4/5 Legends $0.62
Kasimir the Lone Wolf Summon Legend 4UW 5/3 Legends $0.54
Kjeldoran Phalanx Summon Soldiers 5W 2/5 Ice Age $0.38
Livonya Silone Summon Legend 2GGRR 4/4 Legends $6.61
Lone Wolf Summon Creature - Wolf 2G 5/3 Portal: Three Kingdoms $3.54
Nebuchadnezzar Summon Legend 3BU 3/3 Legends $3.64
Orcish Squatters Summon Orcs 4R 2/3 Ice Age $0.39
Ramses Overdark Summon Legend 2BBUU 4/3 Legends $10.27
Riven Turnbull Summon Legend 5BU 5/7 Legends $0.71
Sol'kanar the Swamp King Summon Legend 2RBU 5/5 Legends $6.85
The Lady of the Mountain Summon Legend 4GR 5/5 Legends $0.56
Tourach's Chant Enchantment 1BB Fallen Empires $0.19