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25 results for: Mike Kimble
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Abbey Matron Homelands $0.15
Balduvian Dead Summon Zombies 3B 2/3 Alliances $0.18
Balduvian War-Makers Alliances $0.12
Broken Visage Instant 4B Homelands $0.40
Durkwood Boars Summon Boars 4G 4/4 Legends $0.18
Durkwood Boars Summon Boars 4G 4/4 4th Edition $0.10
Durkwood Boars Summon Boars 4G 4/4 5th Edition $0.14
Dwarven Nomad Summon Dwarf 2R 1/1 Mirage $0.12
Forget Sorcery UU Homelands $0.42
Forget Sorcery UU 5th Edition $0.58
Forget Sorcery UU 6th Edition $0.58
Goblin Lyre Artifact 3 Ice Age $0.39
Grim Feast Enchantment 1BG Mirage $0.51
Jinx Instant 1U Homelands $0.16
Panic Instant R Ice Age $0.13
Paupers' Cage Artifact 3 Mirage $0.38
Root Spider Summon Spider 3G 2/2 Homelands $0.20
Sandstorm Instant G Mirage $0.12
Shadow Guildmage Summon Wizard B 1/1 Mirage $0.13
Soldevi Heretic Alliances $0.14
Stupor Sorcery 2B Time Spiral: Timeshifted $2.60
Stupor Sorcery 2B 6th Edition $2.42
Stupor Sorcery 2B Mirage $0.52
Timmerian Fiends Summon Fiends 1BB 1/1 Homelands $0.40
Winter Sky Sorcery R Homelands $0.41