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34 results for: L.A. Williams
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Aegis of the Meek Artifact 3 Ice Age $0.38
Apocalypse Sorcery 2RRR Tempest $1.88
Blinking Spirit Summon Blinking Spirit 3W 2/2 Ice Age $0.42
Blinking Spirit Summon Blinking Spirit 3W 2/2 5th Edition $0.58
Blinking Spirit Creature - Spirit 3W 2/2 9th Edition $0.40
Caldera Lake Land Tempest $0.59
Chaotic Goo Summon Ooze 2RR 0/0 Tempest $0.51
Counterspell Instant UU Ice Age $1.09
Crystalline Sliver Summon Sliver WU 2/2 Stronghold $3.43
Dauthi Mindripper Summon Minion 3B 2/1 Tempest $0.21
Diminishing Returns Sorcery 2UU Alliances $0.67
Diminishing Returns Sorcery 2UU 6th Edition $0.51
Disenchant Instant 1W Tempest $0.18
Enervate Instant 1U Ice Age $0.13
Enervate Instant 1U 5th Edition $0.16
Errantry Enchant Creature 1R Ice Age $0.13
Flowstone Blade Enchant Creature R Stronghold $0.13
Giant Growth Instant G Ice Age $0.15
Hematite Talisman Artifact 2 Ice Age $0.19
Horned Sliver Summon Sliver 2G 2/2 Tempest $2.55
Kjeldoran Royal Guard Summon Soldiers 3WW 2/5 Ice Age $0.38
Kjeldoran Royal Guard Summon Soldiers 3WW 2/5 5th Edition $0.55
Kjeldoran Royal Guard Creature 3WW 6th Edition $0.43
Land Cap Land Ice Age $0.39
Metallic Sliver Artifact Creature 1 1/1 Tempest $0.20
Minion of Leshrac Summon Demon 4BBB 5/5 Ice Age $0.58
Prismatic Ward Enchant Creature 1W Ice Age $0.13
Rebuild Instant 2U Urza's Legacy $0.31
Suffocation Instant 1U Alliances $0.18
Thran Lens Artifact 2 Urza's Legacy $0.44
Touch of Vitae Instant 2G Ice Age $0.20
Updraft Instant 1U Ice Age $0.19
Venomous Breath Instant 3G Ice Age $0.20
Whip Vine Alliances $0.13