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26 results for: Greg Simanson
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Annul Instant U Urza's Saga $0.15
Benthic Explorers Alliances $0.13
Bone Harvest Instant 2B Mirage $0.12
Chill Enchantment 1U Tempest $0.78
Chill Enchantment 1U 6th Edition $1.23
Cold Storage Artifact 4 Tempest $0.43
Dragon Blood Artifact 3 Urza's Saga $0.23
Explore Sorcery 1G 2/4 Worldwake $0.36
Flare Instant 2R Mirage $0.12
Flickering Ward Enchant Creature W Tempest $1.51
Gargantuan Gorilla Summon Gorilla 4GGG 7/7 Alliances $0.40
Glacial Wall Summon Wall 2U 0/7 5th Edition $0.27
Glacial Wall Creature 2U 6th Edition $0.23
Grindstone Artifact 1 Tempest $19.16
Insidious Bookworms Alliances $0.12
Manabarbs Enchantment 3R 5th Edition $1.14
Panic Instant R 5th Edition $0.16
Recantation Enchantment 3UU Urza's Saga $0.47
Rejuvenate Sorcery 3G Urza's Saga $0.15
Shauku's Minion Summon Minion 1BR 2/2 Mirage $0.19
Spell Blast Instant XU 5th Edition $0.14
Spell Blast Instant XU 6th Edition $0.13
Urza's Engine Artifact Creature 5 1/5 Alliances $0.23
Whetstone Artifact 3 Urza's Saga $0.49
Wild Aesthir Alliances $0.12
Wind Drake Summon Drake 2U 2/2 Tempest $0.12