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17 results for: George Pratt
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Abyssal Specter Summon Specter 2BB 2/3 5th Edition $0.26
Blaster Mage Creature - Spellshaper 2R 2/2 Mercadian Masques $0.13
Desolation Enchantment 1BB Visions $0.22
Evil Eye of Orms-By-Gore Summon Evil Eye 4B 3/6 5th Edition $0.10
Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore Creature 4B 6th Edition $0.19
Fatal Blow Instant B Weatherlight $0.12
Fatal Blow Instant B 6th Edition $0.15
Foreshadow Instant 1U Visions $0.20
Hecatomb Enchantment 1BB 5th Edition $0.89
Hecatomb Enchantment 1BB 6th Edition $0.91
Phyrexian Furnace Artifact 1 Weatherlight $0.27
Rushwood Grove Land Mercadian Masques $0.31
Tar Pit Warrior Summon Cyclops 2B 3/4 Visions $0.12
Three Wishes Instant 1UU Visions $0.45
Time and Tide Instant UU Visions $0.18
Time Bomb Artifact 4 5th Edition $0.67
Touchstone Artifact 2 Weatherlight $0.22