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29 results for: Gary Leach
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Adarkar Wastes Land 5th Edition $5.01
Adarkar Wastes Land 6th Edition $5.05
Bad Moon Enchantment 1B 5th Edition $5.18
Barbed-Back Wurm Summon Wurm 4B 4/3 Mirage $0.18
Betrayal Enchant Creature U Visions $0.13
Canyon Wildcat Summon Cat 1R 2/1 Tempest $0.13
Canyon Wildcat Creature - Cat 1R 2/1 8th Edition $0.12
Conquer Enchant Land 3RR 5th Edition $0.33
Crazed Armodon Summon Elephant 2GG 3/3 Tempest $0.41
Fetid Horror Summon Shade 3B 1/2 Mirage $0.12
Gravebane Zombie Summon Zombie 3B 3/2 Mirage $0.12
Gravebane Zombie Creature 3B 6th Edition $0.21
Guided Strike Instant 1W Weatherlight $0.12
Haunting Misery Sorcery 1BB Weatherlight $0.13
Reign of Terror Sorcery 3BB Mirage $0.19
Shanodin Dryads Summon Nymphs G 1/1 5th Edition $0.14
Shanodin Dryads Creature G 6th Edition $0.14
Shattered Crypt Sorcery XBB Weatherlight $0.12
Skyshroud Vampire Summon Vampire 3BB 3/3 Tempest $0.25
Trained Armodon Summon Elephant 1GG 3/3 Tempest $0.13
Trained Armodon Creature 1GG 6th Edition $0.14
Trained Armodon Creature - Elephant 1GG 3/3 8th Edition $0.12
Trained Armodon Creature - Elephant 1GG 3/3 9th Edition $0.12
Trumpeting Armodon Summon Elephant 3G 3/3 Tempest $0.20
Urborg Justice Instant BB Weatherlight $0.73
Vampiric Tutor Instant B Visions $22.13
Vampiric Tutor Instant B 6th Edition $12.29
Vampirism Enchant Creature 1B Visions $0.18
Wall of Corpses Summon Wall 1B 0/2 Mirage $0.12