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20 results for: Edward Beard, Jr.
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Arcades Sabboth Summon Elder Dragon Legend 2WWGGUU 7/7 Legends $9.48
Chromium Summon Elder Dragon Legend 2BBUUWW 7/7 Legends $10.53
Cyclopean Mummy Summon Mummy 1B 2/1 Legends $0.20
Cyclopean Mummy Summon Mummy 1B 2/1 4th Edition $0.10
Draconian Cylix Artifact 3 Fallen Empires $0.34
Farrel's Zealot Fallen Empires $0.13
Fylgja Enchant Creature W Ice Age $0.13
Ghosts of the Damned Summon Ghosts 1BB 0/2 Legends $0.17
Icatian Infantry Fallen Empires $0.12
Icatian Javelineers Fallen Empires $0.17
Nicol Bolas Summon Elder Dragon Legend 2UUBBRR 7/7 Legends $16.26
Palladia-Mors Summon Elder Dragon Legend 2WWGGRR 7/7 Legends $9.05
Princess Lucrezia Summon Legend 3BUU 5/4 Legends $0.55
Pyknite Summon Pyknite 2G 1/1 Ice Age $0.12
Rohgahh of Kher Keep Summon Legend 2BBRR 5/5 Legends $7.60
Spirit Shackle Enchant Creature BB 4th Edition $0.13
Spirit Shackle Enchant Creature BB Legends $0.17
Wings of Aesthir Enchant Creature WU Ice Age $0.21
Winter's Chill Instant XU Ice Age $0.37
Zuran Spellcaster Summon Wizard 2U 1/1 Ice Age $0.17