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18 results for: Charles Gillespie
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Ambush Party Summon Ambush Party 4R 3/1 5th Edition $0.14
Builder's Bane Sorcery XXR Mirage $0.12
Craven Knight Summon Creature 1B 2/2 Portal $0.14
Disenchant Instant 1W Mirage $0.16
Divine Retribution Instant 1W Mirage $0.38
Ether Well Instant 3U Mirage $0.19
Hill Giant Summon Giant 3R 3/3 5th Edition $0.14
Kithkin Armor Enchant Creature W Weatherlight $0.13
Living Death Sorcery 3BB Tempest $3.98
Living Death Sorcery 3BB Commander $2.65
Orcish Captain Summon Orc R 1/1 5th Edition $0.23
Power Sink Instant XU Mirage $0.13
Rain of Tears Sorcery 1BB Tempest $0.28
Raise Dead Sorcery B 6th Edition $0.14
Regeneration Enchant Creature 1G Mirage $0.12
Spike Drone Summon Spike G 0/0 Tempest $0.13
Thumbscrews Artifact 2 Tempest $0.42
Unstable Mutation Enchant Creature U 5th Edition $0.17