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20 results for: Bryon Wackwitz
Card Name Type Cost P/T Edition Value
Angus Mackenzie Summon Legend WUG 2/2 Legends $27.35
Ayesha Tanaka Summon Legend UUWW 2/2 Legends $1.98
Barbary Apes Summon Apes 1G 2/2 Legends $0.20
Brushland Land Ice Age $1.70
Dwarven Armorer Summon Dwarf R 0/2 Fallen Empires $0.33
Force Spike Instant U Legends $0.76
Gorilla War Cry Alliances $0.12
Hammerheim Legendary Land Legends $1.37
Kjeldoran Escort Alliances $0.12
Lady Caleria Summon Legend 3WWGG 3/6 Legends $4.33
Lava Tubes Land Ice Age $0.40
Living Plane Enchant World 2GG Legends $15.73
Order of Leitbur Fallen Empires $0.17
Pendelhaven Legendary Land Time Spiral: Timeshifted $3.04
Pendelhaven Legendary Land Legends $3.32
Shatter Instant 1R Ice Age $0.13
Skull Catapult Artifact 4 Ice Age $0.19
Thelonite Monk Summon Cleric 2GG 1/2 Fallen Empires $0.36
Urborg Legendary Land Legends $3.22
Veldt Land Ice Age $0.39